In detail about the signs, symptoms and treatment of varicose veins on the legs in women

According to statistics, varicose veins on the legs suffer more than 72% of all women on this planet. Just for someone with the symptoms of varicose veins poorly expressed, but for someone with the disease shifted to running form. Today we will talk about the features of female diseases of the veins – of the reasons why it arises, how it manifests itself, what is dangerous. We also explore the many reviews of people with symptoms of varicose veins, and worshiped by the assessment of the experts about how to treat varicose veins on the legs in women.

What's going on with the veins

varicose veins in women

The blood moves around our body in a circle, no stops. Guided by this movement of the heart: due to his frequency of blood one card to the heart, the arteries, the veins. From top to bottom with the liquid leaving without a job – the reason why it is in the power of attraction. But, reaching to the heel, must turn around and in the veins to go up. And with regard to the gravity of the problematic.

For the process of movement of blood to the heart become possible, of vienna should have thick and elastic walls and venous valves, performing the function of distinguishing the block must work like clockwork. Diagram of a healthy blood movement is: the heart, pushing liquid in the blood vessels, the walls of veins reduce and increase the blood up, the valves slam and fix the thread at a certain place, do not give blood," shot down". With a further reduction of the blood vessels flow continues to a new land and there is as follows the valve.

And now imagine that for whatever reason:

  • The walls of the veins lost tone and become less elastic, they happens not under force to lift a large amount of blood.
  • Valves to "break" and not slam completely, missing part of the venous blood in the opposite direction.

In this case, there is the mash: arterial blood descends to the feet of the previous regime, and here is the back serve to the heart with a slower speed. In the place of "breaking up" starts to collect too much blood, it tightens the walls of the veins even more, appear the visible signs of varicose veins.

Why does the disease

Doctors believe that the main reason is the development in women varicose veins on the legs — a hereditary predisposition. If moms, dads, grandmothers or grandfathers manifested at least some symptoms of varicose increase the veins, then this disease with a high degree of probability is organized by woman. And a person can and has to know that he is prone to varicose veins on the legs. The disease manifests itself only under the influence of certain factors. First of all, disorders in the functioning of the veins occur in women with "erect" professions. In the risk zone are:

  1. Surgeons.
  2. Dentist.
  3. Stylists.
  4. Sellers.
  5. Teachers.

A sedentary lifestyle also causes varicose veins. In particular, the danger is that ladies, loving to sit on your feet or legs on the other, in such a position vienna pinch, and it disturbed the flow of blood.

Another common cause, which causes large varicose veins on the legs and thighs, is an increase in intra-abdominal pressure and squeezing the veins. It arises when lifting a large weight, as varicose veins often occurs in women, of great interest on breaks in the gym. In half of the cases of varicose veins appear in the pregnancy period. And for this reason, occurs not only varicose veins on the legs, but also the expansion of the veins of small pelvis (groin).

The first manifestations of

There is the so-called phase from varicose veins, while officially, the disease does not yet exist, but there are signs of the emergence of the dysfunction of the veins. During the examination the doctor finds an obvious deviations – the tone of the venous walls in the stage before the varicose veins optimal, blood flow is also optimal. But on the micro level, the varicose veins have already begun to form, and the woman may notice mild symptoms.

Symptoms of varicose veins on the zero rate the following:

  • Bearable heaviness in the legs (symptom appear after a long walk or a long stay in one position).
  • Barely noticeable swelling of the legs at the end of the day.
  • Sometimes there's tingling in the legs or cramps (arise suddenly and pass quickly).

At this stage of the varicose veins women the easiest way to take measures, and it requires some serious treatment. Gymnastics, massage and compression procedure for the legs – it is all preventive activities, which help lead vienna to normal, but, unfortunately, there is little who starts to perform, I'd rather not pay for signs of attention.

Explicit signals of problems with the veins of girls

The next stage of varicose veins on the legs of a woman in the first place characterized by external symptoms: in the formation of varicose veins on the legs arise and rather quickly grow bigger swollen vienna blue color (in the severe forms become purple). In addition to the color changes, veins are starting to palpable under the skin covering (in the form of paved tumors).

Varicose veins on the legs of women is not only the external symptoms. If you are the honor guest of patients, then you will find that almost all women with varicose veins complain of the following symptoms of the disease:

  1. Pain, feeling of heaviness and burning in the legs.
  2. Numbness of the fingers on the feet.
  3. A decrease in the sensitivity of the skin in the vicinity of the diseased part of the body.
  4. The feeling of crawling over the skin chills.
  5. Frequent cramps in the legs.

Terrible consequences

If you varicose veins on the legs, then the symptoms of the disease become very painful. Venous expansion becomes very large – walk in my bare feet will be impossible. Vascular mesh turns into a huge bulging "vein grapes". When any injury they burst, bleed and fester. Severe pain, burning sensation, cramps in the legs, give up on the woman and during physical activity and at rest. Move becomes difficult.

Due to the long-term violations of the blood flow may occur with symptoms of dermatitis, eczema and other skin and subcutaneous pathological changes. In most cases running varicose veins on the legs appear trophic ulcers on the legs and thrombosis. This pathology is very difficult to treat, and they have very unpleasant symptoms – better and not bring the situation to such extremes and start treatment in the earlier stages of varicose veins.

Treatment of primary manifestations

treatment of varicose veins

If varicose veins on the legs has a dim the symptoms, you can try to treat it at home using special underwear – it can be stockings or tights. In the early stages of the use of special products, along with the removal of the cause, which is a disease, it helps to get rid of the woman from varicose without medication.

Compression stockings and tights operate on the principle of wiring harness. Improve the lost tone of the vessels and creates the desired blood pressure. Judging by the reviews of experts, is the underwear helps to keep the blood vessels in the desired position and gives them stretch even more. Just a note: at home treat varicose veins can only be stockings and tights with a minimal degree of compression. Products with a strong compression is necessary to use only with the consent of the doctor.

What are other treatment methods that you can use at home? Treat yourself the initial varicose veins on the legs women it is possible to use folk remedies. In reviews it is good to write about the following folk remedies:

  • Rubbing the legs with tincture of horse chestnut, plantain, chamomile, onions husk or nettle.
  • Warm compresses of gauze, soaked in a strong tea of welding or infusion of oak bark.
  • Friction on feet aloe juice or kalanchoe.
  • Massaging the feet of apple cider vinegar (it must be diluted, does not cause burning).

With other ways, how to cure varicose veins folk ways, you can familiarize yourself on the different blogs where different people give real reviews on different treatments. For example, many talks about how to treat premature varices in home conditions with the help of anatomical pillows.

Please note: folk remedies can not replace drug treatment running varicose veins. If the symptoms of the disease too explicit, is, unfortunately, heal without pills and ointments will fail.

Tools for health care

When serious varicose veins on the legs it should start to heal vienna medicinal means. Dr. in the first place is prescribed to women products with therapeutic effect. The aim of such treatment is a narrowing of the lumen of the veins on the legs and the resumption of work by inflammation of the valves.

Let's summarize: varicose veins on the legs of women appear often for various reasons. To diseases does not arise, is the best time to take care about prevention, which is possible to perform in home conditions. If the symptoms they know about each other, then self-healing is only possible in the early stages. When pronounced symptoms of the disease can only be treated by drug means that choose the doctor.