What happens, and how the operation is performed on varicose veins on the legs?

Treatment варикоза on the feet using drugs is not always has a positive effect.

varicose vein surgery

Particularly difficult to treat varicosity, if it is in running stage. In this case, operative intervention – the only possibility of removing the pathology.

For many people, the operation seems to be a terrible procedure, so long afraid to go to the doctor, relying on some domestic forms of treatment. The disease however continues to progress, and the patient's condition deteriorates.

Surgery in varicosity of the lower extremities is appointed under the following circumstances:

  • if the subcutaneous veins are dilated due to physiological pathology;
  • if the disease is in running stage, when treatment varicosity medicines or folk remedies no longer help;
  • in the formation of venous ulcers in the skin покровах;
  • if there is a breach of the vascular circulation, in consequence of which the patient is experiencing constant fatigue, quickly утомляется, the feeling of pain and heaviness in the legs;
  • if it was acute thrombophlebitis;
  • when there were трофические skin lesions.

For some patients surgery is varicose veins on the legs may be contraindicated. Factors, препятствующими execution of the surgical procedure, are the following:

  • hypertension;
  • severe infectious disease;
  • coronary artery disease;
  • the patient's age (over 70 years);
  • skin diseases – eczema, erysipilatous inflammation, etc.;
  • the second half of pregnancy.
Surgery is the most effective and safe treatment options varicosity. An experienced doctor will be able to quickly remove патологию, and the patient returns to normal life, without experiencing the suffering of those who причиняла disease.

Types of interference

View rapid intervention, is defined depending on the individual characteristics of the flow of the disease. Some types of operation, suitable for one person, may completely suit other. Before prescribe surgery, the doctor examines the form of the disease, симптоматику, as well as the probability of the occurrence of complications.

varices surgical treatment


The most time-consuming and complex process, associated with a high probability of complications, is phlebectomy operation to remove varicose veins. Its prescribed only in cases where other treatment methods are not able to have many-something the beneficial effect.

In the process of this surgery groin of the patient they do small (3-5 mm) incisions, through which are affected veins перевязывают in the place where it empties into the deep veins, then her wool and вытягивают of the legs using a special probe. After the removal of veins on the places of cuts insert рассасывающие seams. The operation takes 1 to 2 hours, wherein the patient is in the hospital no more than one day, then went home.

Kind of phlebectomies is such a procedure as miniphlebectomy, in which the body are carried out no cuts and punctures. This method allows you to perform operations with a smaller травмированием skin sheets and to shorten the period of rehabilitation.

Expoliantes – one more type of surgical treatment of varicosity. During this procedure, it is captured is not the whole of vienna is completely, but just her small section, which was a varicose enlargement. Removal is carried out through punctures in the skin, which allows you to avoid overlapping the seams.


Less traumatic method of surgical intervention is considered sclerotherapy. It lies in the fact that by using ultrasound studies shall determine the exact location of the dilated veins, which introduce a special substance (sclerosant). This substance holds together the affected blood vessels, preventing the flow of blood through them. After this operation, at the site of the diseased vein formed scar tissue, will disappear swelling. The patient will cease to worry about the severity and pain in the legs, and if there is трофические ulcers, quickly заживут.

Sclerotherapy, is of two kinds:

  1. Echo-deduxit sclerotherapy. This operation is valid in that case, if the diameter of the affected veins reached 1 cm and more. First vienna обследуются the help of a special device – two-sided scanner, then under his control is carried out puncture, after which the vein introduces a sclerosant. This procedure allows to reduce the diameter of the affected vessel and to restore the normal movement of blood in it.
  2. Sclerosing foam. The most safe and completely painless kind of sclerotherapy. Into the affected vessel applied with a special foam, which fills it and stops the flow of blood inside this vessel.
For maximum effect usually spend a few procedures sclerotherapy. Recurrence of varicosity after her almost do not exist.

Laser coagulation

varicose vein surgery hardening of the

Surgery to remove the varicosity of the veins, a laser is considered the most effective technology views the fight with varicosity and helps to eliminate the pathological enlargement of the veins in 90% of patients. During this procedure cuts the tissues is not possible, that allows, to avoid cosmetic defects.

Through a puncture in the skin of the injected laser light pipe that emits light waves. Under their influence there is the dissolution of the patient's vessel. This method has a low number of repetitions – the repeated cases of the formation of varicosity arise only in 5% of patients.

As the laser as the precipitation method of treatment of varicosity is radiofrequency contritio. The essence of the method lies in the impact on the decaying veins of microwaves, which heats up the container, causing its "спаивание". This method of treatment is considered to be the easiest and painless. It can be used, and in severe cases where the veins reach a large size.

Possible consequences and status in the postoperative period

Almost all kinds of transactions carried out for the removal of the varicosity of the legs, pass safely and cause some complications in very rare cases.

The greatest probability of complications and difficult course of rehabilitation period observed in the phlebectomies. In the field of remote vienna may occur hematoma, sometimes the cuts can flow out of the blood, because in the vicinity is the influx of other veins.

For 2-3 days after surgery, some patients can rise the temperature. This happens due to aseptic inflammatory processes in the blood that accumulate under the skin.

If the accumulated blood will be very much, the veins can form lumps, painful to the touch. If the skin over the clumps acquired a reddish tint, it means that is started by a bacterial inflammation. In this case, you will need immediate hospitalization.

Other possible complications after surgery may be:

  • Numbness of the skin, the sensations of pain. Arise in the event that during the operation, the damaged nerve endings. Over time the pain of the lost and the sensitivity of the skin to recover.
  • Bruises. They are produced when phlebectomies, because it is enough traumatica of the operation. After some time, usually no more than a month, it disappears completely. When малоинвазивных methods of treatment (sclerotherapy or laser coagulation) bruises almost never stay.
  • Swelling. May occur, if sick no need to the doctor's instructions post-operative period – a lot of moves, not wearing special clothes, or to great physical stress.

After surgery, most patients lead an inactive lifestyle. Due to inaction can occur is a dangerous phenomenon, as it is an acute thrombosis of deep veins of the lower extremities. To prevent this, it is necessary to do special exercises, follow the diet and take the medication that prevents thrombosis.

varicose vein surgery, laser coagulation

Rehabilitation after the removal of the varicosity of the lower limbs

Compliance with the indications of the doctor in the postoperative period – the most important part of treatment and prevention of relapse of varicosity. For most patients, it is recommended:

  1. Firmly bandage the leg elastic бинтом.
  2. Wear special compression underwear – stockings or tights.
  3. Do not lift more than 10 kg in the first six months after surgery.
  4. Play sports with reasonable physical burden – the sport of walking, плаваньем, round.
  5. Control body weight in the presence of the problems with being overweight.
  6. Annually held year-round intake of venotonic drugs.
During the 3 days following the surgery patients are strictly prohibited to smoke and consume alcohol, tanning, lifting weights, drive a car and take hot baths.

Upon the occurrence of pain in the прооперированной leg can help gentle massage, which is quite possible to carry out on their own.

Recommendations for the prevention of recurrence

Even if the operation to remove the varicosity of the vein was successful, there is always the risk of re-emergence of the disease. To minimize the probability of occurrence of relapses, it is necessary to observe preventive measures:

  • lead an active lifestyle – exercising, often walk in the fresh air;
  • in a sitting position it is necessary to ensure that the posture was straight, not put one foot on the other, because it leads to disruption of venous blood flow;
  • fighting with being overweight;
  • moderately consume coffee and tea;
  • every morning to perform leg exercises;
  • giving up too tight and narrow footwear and clothing.

Varicose veins – it is a disease that, even after full cure requires adherence to a certain lifestyle.

varicose vein surgery consequences

Preventive measures after the operation will have to adhere to is the first few months, and throughout life. Only then will it be possible to normalize the condition of your body and rule out the likelihood of recurrence of the disease.