Horse chestnut from варикоза: recipes, treatment of veins, review

Varicosity beach modern society. Since this disease affects more than 70% of the population of our planet, and 20% of them are men. The reasons for such massive spread of the disease is a lot. Because of poor eating habits, obesity, wearing shoes with high heels and so on

To treat varicose legs, is quite real. And in this case to help us comes not only modern medicine, but also folk. It offers us a lot of recipes on medicines, which contribute to strengthening the walls of blood vessels, normalization of blood circulation and removal of the external symptoms of the disease. But, how to show the upcoming years of experience, preferably in the field became a horse-chestnut from the Varicosity.

chestnut from варикоза

The fruits and flowers of the tree are used for the preparation of medicinal ванночек, tinctures, drinks and so on, And before you learn about how to cook all these resources, using the horse-chestnut against the варикоза, we wanted to first tell you about how it works and what medicinal effects it has.

Horse chestnut from варикоза: healing properties

Horse chestnut (its flowers and the nucleus) has a very rich chemical composition, thanks to which its use enables to strengthen the walls of small blood vessels, improve the quality of blood and its viscosity. Because of such properties, tinctures and decoctions of this wood are excellent профилактическими means against варикоза.

In the composition of the horse chestnut has a lot of flavonoids, tannins, vitamin P and сапонина. These substances play an important role in the normalization of blood circulation, the destruction of the атеросклеротических plaques and an increase in tone of the small and medium-sized blood vessels. These properties allow the use of chestnut from варикоза at all stages of the development of the disease.

In addition, horse chestnut contains other no less useful substances, which have a firming effect on the entire organism as a whole. To such belongs rutin, кумарин, astragalin, lutein and sterol.

Special popularity in the treatment of варикоза horse chestnut got in due to the presence in it of esculin and эсцина. First, it contributes to accelerate the flow of blood on the blood vessels, accelerated synthesis replenish antithrombin, prevents blood clots and has protiotokový effect. The second substance (escin) helps to increase the tone of blood vessels and разжижению of blood, which also prevent the formation of атеросклеротических and of the cholesteric to plaque on the inner walls of blood vessels.

In the complex of all these actions of horse chestnut on the circulatory system will allow you to lead an active and successful fight with венозным expansion of the veins. As claimed by some sources, the first results following its use are already noticeable after 2-3 weeks.

So what do we get when we perform a treatment варикоза equus castaneis? And here's what:

  • in the legs appears lightness;
  • cease to annoy swelling of the lower extremities;
  • disappear itching;
  • veins become strong, they acquire normal volume and become less visible;
  • improves overall health (to normalize the sleep, work gastrointestinal tract, increases resistance to stress, etc.).
chestnut from варикоза how to collect

How to properly collect chestnuts for the treatment of варикоза on your feet?

Before starting treatment варикоза, you must properly prepare the raw material for the preparation of household medicines. From that, how well will be ready to horse chestnut, depends a large part of the success of the treatment.

The leaves and flowers of horse chestnut need to harvest in the spring season. They should be rinsed under running water and pat dry. And here is the core of the chestnut should only collect when a large rounded shape and just starting to mature. The ripe kernel of the chestnut used to treat варикоза it is not necessary, because from them will be malo. The longer it matures the chestnut, the less in it of useful medicinal substances.

It is worth noting that for the preparation of medicinal products used not only the leaves, flowers, and the kernel of the chestnut, but its seeds and bark. For the preparation of tinctures most commonly use the kernel of the chestnut. Some recipes require the prior cleaning of the skin. Download this pretty simple, and you can do it either your hands (if the crust приоткрылась), or using a knife.

As for the drying of the raw material, then dry it in the room, not in the sun. And it should in the course of one month, stirring of the raw material. To to it a good air flow. If not, then your harvest can покрыться mold and then use it to treat варикоза will not be possible.

Contraindications to the use of horse chestnut

Before you consider recipes horse chestnut from варикоза, it should immediately be noted, the contraindications to its use. And could not be used in or on the outside in the following diseases and conditions:

  • the period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • violation of blood clotting;
  • acute inflammatory diseases of the digestive system;
  • kidney failure;
  • low blood blood pressure (hypotension).

In all of these diseases and conditions of the application of tinctures, ointments and other medical devices on the basis of horse chestnut can significantly harm your health.

chestnut from варикоза recipes

Horse chestnut from варикоза: recipes

Treatment варикоза chestnuts involves the use of various tinctures, ointments and ванночек. Start it with a tincture of horse chestnut, because it is the most popular and effective in the fight with this disease.

For the preparation of tincture of horse chestnut, you will need to take about 50 g of kernels, not peeled bark, put in glass cans and pour a glass of medical alcohol. The Jar is absolutely necessary to tightly close lid, wrap in a thick impenetrable cloth and put on two weeks in a dark place.

After that, as the tincture is well настоится, there is a need to drain and put in the fridge. To adopt such means is necessary in the course of 3 weeks after the 10-15 drops 2-3 times a day. Then take a week break and the treatment настойкой you can repeat again.

Healing tincture can be prepared from the flowers of the horse chestnut. For this it is necessary насыпать in a dark glass bottle a handful of flowers (2-3 articles l.) and pour them 0.5 liters of medical alcohol. Just take such a tincture should be 2 weeks and a month. Take it you need 50 drops 3 times a day.

When varicose veins is a very useful juice, squeezed from the flowers of the horse chestnut. It is taken orally half hr. l. immediately after a meal or lubricate them affected places veins.

At home, you can also prepare a healing salve out of horse chestnut. To do this in a blender grind 5 kernels and 5 of the century la the flowers of the chestnuts. Then the resulting mixture is necessary to shift into a bowl, pour 0.5 liters of any vegetable oil and place over boiling water. Томить device must be at least 2 hours.

Then, the mixture should drain, cool at room temperature, pour into a clean container and put in the fridge. Apply the resulting ointment is possible in two ways: simply oiling several times a day the affected vein either make compresses on the night. For this, apply the ointment thick layer on your feet, wrap them in several layers of полиэтиленом and a warm scarf.

Ointment can also prepare from the flowers of the chestnut. To do this it is necessary to have the raw material, mix it with vegetable oil (1:1) and leave for about 4-6 hours. The mixture is then you must place above boiling water, boil for several hours, then drain and cool. Apply this ointment can be as in the previous case.

It should be noted that such ointments can be used for the preparation of medicinal ванночек. For this a fee of 40 g of finished medicinal means and cradling him in 2 l of warm water. To the obtained solution it is necessary to omit the feet for 10-15 minutes, then wrap with a towel and lie down to relax for a few hours. After such a bath they disappear almost immediately the swelling, pain and heaviness in the legs.

If you have a home available the green bark of the horse chestnut, then you can use and its treatment варикоза. For addition to a handful of the crust, fill it with литром water, simmer for about 10 minutes, allow to stand overnight, and after the strain and take 1 tbsp before bedtime for a period of several weeks.

chestnut from варикоза ointment

Home remedies with equus castaneis from варикоза are effective only in that case, it is used regularly. While it is absolutely necessary to combine with медикаментозными means that your doctor has prescribed.