the causes of варикоза on the labia and methods of treatment

cirsoid enlargement of the labia more prone to:

  • Pregnant women;
  • Are overweight;
  • Those who lead a passive lifestyle (a lack of sports and other activities);
  • People with a long and sedentary time;
  • Подвергающиеся hormonal therapy;
  • Regular congestion in the gym (especially if you are lifting weights in a vertical position);
  • The presence of chronic inflammation in the sexual system;
  • Too frequent visits to spas or saunas;
  • Problems with the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Someone of your close relatives was sick varices.

Patients from these categories it is necessary to pay enough attention to her vessels. If you present failure of the valves in the veins or weakness in the vessel walls, then you are too prone to varices.

If pregnant avoid the appearance of quam varices is almost impossible, it's in other cases, you can try to draw attention to the occurrence of this pathology. If you are overweight — try to get rid of it through proper diet and moderate physical exertion. For those who a lot of sitting, is recommended more to walk and exercise. If you occur any disorders — unite with their treatment. Lovers of pooping yourself in the dining room it is better to restrict from it.

Stop to delude themselves

Before you read on, let me ask you 1 question. Still looking for a cure for quam varices, which will help you?

I have to disappoint you, there is NO CREAM that will help get rid of quam varices.

And all the "medicines" that are sold in pharmacies and advertise on the internet - is an ongoing divorce. Traders simply earn on your naivety huge money.

The reasons quam varices labia in pregnant

When a woman is pregnant, her body undergoes many changes. In order to ensure homeostasis in the body of the fetus maternal organism tolerates considerable congestion. This may be the reason that the future moms will appear some new pathology and exasperetur those who have chronic. To many of these diseases apply quam varices. quam varices the enlargement of veins on the genital lips may be a manifestation of function disorders of the blood vessels not only in the groin, but also on the whole body.

In pregnant women quam varices in the genital organs develops as a result of:
  • The growth of the uterus. Under the growing and the uterus, therefore, is expanding. As a result of this process, increasing the considerable pressure on the blood vessels that are in a small frying pan. Disturbed processes, blood circulation and occurs quam varices.
  • Growth in the volume of circulating blood. During pregnancy the amount of blood increases due to the fact that it is now needed even for a child. On the vascular system of the mother shows a strong load, and in the first place are affected by the vein. If compared with артериальными blood vessels, inflammation of the indicators for the density and the elasticity is much smaller, so they are stronger susceptible to damage.
  • The increase in the concentration of progesterone. This is one of the main female hormones, starting from 1. trimester it starts to синтезироваться much more. Such amounts of the hormone can cause дегенеративно-дистрофические dysfunction and changes in the structure of fibers of collagen. If the mother was present hormonal imbalance before getting pregnant, it also can become a cause of quam varices labia.
  • Increase in body weight. Due to the fact that the weight of women in the physiological norm increases, and the load on the lower part of the body. As it is clear that most suffer from venous vessels. Among them, the most vulnerable are those that are located closest to the surface of the skin. The point is that the normal state after deep vein thrombosis occurs because of support of the muscles. A large part of the veins of small pelvis belongs to a group of surface

quam varices the enlargement of veins on the genital lips may as well occur due to hereditary predisposition. If one of your parents (especially in the female line) was this disease, then most likely it will be for you. quam varices of the labia may be present both in pregnancy and after it.

The clinical picture

When quam varices labia is very pronounced and similar to that observed in the usual quam varices the enlargement of veins on the legs. Stand out as signs of sexual quam varices:

  • Swelling of the subcutaneous veins;
  • Irritation and itching of skin sheets;
  • Increase and деформирование of the labia;
  • Dry skin in the groin, the colors change from pink to pale-cyanotic;
  • The formation of stars and nodules of various sizes;
  • Dragging pain in the groin and general discomfort;
  • Pain during sex.

When finding such symptoms woman immediately need to contact your gynecologist. For that, if you want to confirm the diagnosis quam varices labia, пациентку direct the transfer of the general analysis of blood (special attention is drawn to the level of blood platelets), коагулограмму (an important figure of the international нормализованного relationship), the analysis on fibrinogen and D-димеры.

After the laboratory research is performed by ULTRASOUND and other studies of the condition of the blood vessels. At confirmation of the diagnosis a woman will treatment for a phlebologist.


In the pathological process involved not only the vascular system, but also the uterus, ovaries and all other organs of the small pelvis. These processes can constitute a danger for currents pregnancy and the fetus. quam varices labia often becomes the cause of самопроизвольного interruption of pregnancy and infertility.

This is due to the fact that it is created by a physiological barrier for the normal implantation of the embryo. Poorly formed placenta. Intimate quam varices can cause various pathologies in the body itself toddler and outer ugliness.