Why it arises and how to treat varicose veins of the uterus?

quam varices in the womb represents a great danger for women, especially if she is pregnant. Most often this pathology is accompanied by quam varices the enlargement of blood vessels in the lower extremities, in the genital the lips, on the cervix, and of all the organs of the small pelvis. When quam mater varices disrupted, there is a leakage of blood fluid. For the disease is the typical thinning of the venous wall in the uterus, enlargement of the lumen of blood vessels and education of the nodular veins.

In total, there are 2 types of quam varices in the womb:
  1. The acquired form develops on the background of negative conditions for the vessels. Can be primary and secondary. In the second case they are the cause of the disease gynecological direction.
  2. Congenital form arises in the womb or is inherited.
Classification quam varices of the uterus according to the degree of severity:
  1. In the first stage of the development of the disease the diameter of the blood vessels and increases to 7 mm.
  2. The second stage – up to 8 mm, while the vienna деформируются.
  3. In the third stage – a maximum of 13 mm. Accompanied by the formation of knots.

Features of the royal quam varices in pregnancy

During pregnancy quam varices the enlargement of veins of the uterus, it occurs frequently, but may occur because of the increase of the uterus in size. It contributes in the obsessio of the circulatory system. And just in this period it is necessary to strengthen the blood circulation, so as sanguis liquid provides a the placenta and directly to the fetus with nutrients. If a woman is carrying the baby, the placenta and the fetus not getting adequate nutrition, because what develops lack of oxygen. It is necessary to know that in this period is a disrupted hormonal background, thus freeing the walls of the veins and the valves do not work in the correct mode. It provokes the development of quam varices the enlargement of veins in the uterus.

 varicose veins in pregnancy</1_img>

The causes of

Factors provocantes the development of the pathology, include:
  • the period of pregnancy, because the pressure on the blood vessels;
  • excessive physical load to increase the flow of blood fluid into the uterus, stretching the veins;
  • constipation;
  • some hormonal preparations containing estrogen, have a negative effect on the elastic properties of blood vessels;
  • otium women: because of the inactivity, arise stagnation;
  • curvi of the uterus;
  • the hormonal imbalance;
  • quam varices in the womb may develop on the background is not вылеченных diseases of inflammatory nature;
  • frequent abortion and artificial birth;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • disorders of the menstrual cycle in which the woman did not draw a gynecologist;
  • gynecological pathology is the chronic nature also provoke the development of quam varices dilation of blood vessels;
  • imperium indigentiam intake of birth control pills;
  • birth activity with complications;
  • frequent pregnancy;
  • obesity, which occurs when the pressure on the uterus.

Symptoms quam varices of the uterus

A characteristic symptomatology is not, but to argue about the development of the quam varices in the womb, it can be so constituted:
  • painful traiecto and the nucleus tractus character of the lower part of the abdomen – exactly as in inflammatory processes;
  • pain irradiet, in the area of the sacral or lower back;
  • severe pain syndromes menstruation;
  • pain and discomfort during and after intercourse;
  • the abundance of discharge from the vagina;
  • menstruation can take place in a longer period of time, but when this blood discharge are insignificant;
  • broken urination;
  • pain can arise after physical exertion and static positions.
Symptoms варикоза of the uterus</2_img>


If you have found симптоматику quam varices in the womb, it is necessary to urgently contact a gynecologist, who performs an examination on гинекологическом chair. Definitely need to give a blood sample. Moreover the hardware detection methods:

  • ultrasound examination of the intravaginales: using a sensor, which is written inside the vagina, it is assessed the condition of the blood vessels;
  • for the detection of the level of severity covered by venography intrauterine: a method reminiscent of x-rays, but uses a contrast agent;
  • laparoscopy;
  • computed tomography;
  • magnetic resonance imaging;
  • dopplerographic methods of research;
  • эхография.

If left untreated quam varices in the womb, complications arise: infertility, work breaks, blood vessels, bleeding, inflammation, thrombosis, externus abdominis syndrome and more.Treatment of quam varices the enlargement of veins in the womb Treatment of quam varices dilation of blood vessels should be done comprehensively. Only in this way it is possible to achieve positive results. Therapy includes the following components:

1. Treatment treatment with the use of these drugs:
  • venarum funds, which will not only strengthen the walls of veins, but also eliminate the inflammatory processes and swelling. .
  • angioprotective healing means, which accelerates blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels and reduces the permeability of veins. Also have antiexudativ effect.
  • medication with pain medication effect.
2. The adoption of a multivitamin complexes. 3. Repair of power – the doctor prescribes a special diet, which is important to strictly adhere to. In more advanced cases of is used surgery. It may be of such a methodology:
  • Vascular resection. In this case, monitoring of the progress of the handling is done through an endoscope.
  • Sclerotherapy or embolization of the ovaries the blood vessels. In this case, is introduced a solution, which reduces the height of the in quam varices vienna the uterus. Necessarily is carried out ангиография – examination of the uterus with the use of contrast agents.
  • Can be removed gonadal vienna.
  • When a hysterectomy amputetur the uterus.
  • Used sclerotherapy, in which the affected blood vessels glued together.
  • Other modern methods – laser coagulation. Thanks to laser adurere, damaged vienna.

Folk recipes therapy quam varices of the uterus are used as auxiliary means. They are sufficiently effective and absolutely safe. Here are the best recipes:

  • The use of horse chestnut quite justified, because of what the plant has a beneficial effect not only on the walls of the circulatory system, but also on the structure of the blood. You can prepare a tincture at home, or buy it at any pharmacy. The device is cheap but effective. For home preparation you will need the fruits or flowers of chestnut in the amount of 5 tablespoons. Their poured one литром the intake of alcohol, divorced with water in a ratio of 50/50. Insist 7 days in a dark place. Periodically cure is necessary to shake. Then tincture filter through several layers of gauze and taken orally three times a day. Pour into a glass of water, капните 30 drops of tincture, mix thoroughly. After you give the remedy. Consume preferably 20-30 minutes before removing the food.
  • You can use the flower part of the lilac and прополис. Flowers need 100 grams of propolis – 30. Mix the two ingredients and fill with a bottle of good quality vodka. Take up to 30 days in a dark place. Drink 1 tablespoon three times a day before meals.
  • Nettle. It can be used in fresh state or exaruit. To 200 ml of boiling water you need to take just a couple of tablespoons of herbs. Прокипятить 15 min on a water bath and after cooling, drain. Consumed three times a day for 100 ml.
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Preventive measures for warning quam varices dilation of blood vessels in the uterus is quite simple. They include the following activities:

  • Proper nutrition, thanks to which the body can deal with any патологическими processes. Also a sufficient number of useful substances and vitamins contributes to the proper saturation of your circulatory system. Therefore, the walls of veins strong and elastic, and the blood have the normal structure.
  • There is no need перенапрягать body physical exertion. If you exercise, then not bring themselves to excessive fatigue. Do not wear severity.
  • Don't let obesity control your weight.
  • Do not wear heavily обтягивающее underwear.
  • Visit your gynecologist twice a year, and even in that case, if you do not worry.

Views in quam varices of the uterus is relatively favourable, but only in that case, if the time to seek the help of a gynecologist and phlebologist. Comprehensive treatment of help to quickly and effectively solve this annoying problem.