Exercise for legs with varicose veins after surgery.

Immediately after surgery, you can already start to do moderate exercise, while in the supine position – поворачивайте and bend tarso joints , perform movements that simulate the ride on the bike. After that you will be allowed to get out of bed, start walking – it's the best way to restore and improve venous blood flow. The length of the walks регулируйте in accordance with their feelings, increase it gradually.

As soon as there is a feeling of heaviness in the legs, and икрах, it is necessary to take discumbentes situation. If it is not possible to lift the footboard of the bed, the underlay under the foot pillow – must not lie horizontally. In the first 1-1,5 months after the surgery to keep щадящего mode, avoid exertion, but gradually increase to after a couple of months to lead a normal, usual life for you.

Care of stitches and catering

Give the seams strength and cicatrice orta est, not squallentes your feet. The first few weeks wash your feet just warm water and do not use washcloths and brushes. Exclude for six months, access to the spa and saunas. If in the healing of the seams begin to itch – grease is iodine , it will help relieve the itching and speed up healing.

If you are overweight, you need it to fold – it is an additional burden on the legs and veins. Adhere to special diet, during which you can't drink carrot juice, to an increase in bleeding time . And here cherries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, pomegranates thins the blood, so make sure you include them in your diet. In the initial period, after consultation with the doctor, you can use and медикаментозные means, which thin the blood and prevents blood clots.

Operations at quam varices – a complex process that requires preparation and a long recovery.

To rehabilitation period has passed successfully and without complications, it is important to carefully follow the prescription of the attending physician, stick to a balanced diet and completely eliminate bad habits.

Operations at quam varices or phlebectomy is performed when failure of conservative treatment. Radical intervention is necessary when the risk of тромбозов, strong Superba, venous язвах, permanent changes to blood vessels.

Operations on varicose veins</1_img>

Operations at quam varices is performed under general or local anesthesia in a hospital, it takes no more than 2.5 hours. A much longer recovery period. From that, how safely will be held, depends another medical condition of the patient.

At current малоинвазивных techniques (such as sclerotherapy) hospitalization is not required. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, over 3 hours after the patient can go home.

However, the recovery they need and in the case of non-traumatica methodologies. Non-compliance with the scheme and the wrong food can trigger a relapse of the disease.

Rehabilitation period after surgery on the quam varices is directed at prevention of complications, often arising after the procedure.

To unpleasant consequences after the surgery quam varices the enlargement of veins include:
  • painful sensations and heaviness in the legs;
  • the development of the quam varices and the defeat of new veins;
  • numbness of the extremities, decreased skin sensitivity;
  • bleeding and нагноения in locations vein removal.

After surgery on the quam varices, the patient remains at the clinic to another 3-5 days. The doctor monitors the condition of the patient, if necessary prescribe analgesics. In the prophylactic purposes applies tenui sanguine, and decongestants drugs.


In the rehabilitation period after surgery on the quam varices the patient's need for compression stockings : leggings, knee socks or stockings. If the legs become swollen and pick up the product of the correct size is impossible, use a wide elastic bandage.

It is superimposed from the feet up to the knees and firmly облегает feet, not сдавливая their. Bandages must be worn for the entire period of rehabilitation, which is changing every day, the pain processed chlorhexidine or other disinfecting medicines.

After the removal of the quam varices veins is essential bed rest, however, a complete immobility of the store may not. The patient can move the legs, rotate to carry out the rotational movement of the legs, bend the knees.

This mini-gymnastics in the rehabilitation period after surgery on the quam varices improves blood circulation, contributes to the outflow of lymph circulation and prevention of edema.

When the patient is able to get out of bed, it is necessary to increase physical activity. You can walk around the house, do the exercises with the lifting and lowering direct or согнутых feet.

They are particularly useful in the postoperative period in quam varices exercises on the floor:
  • imitation cycling;
  • lifting the knees to your chest;
  • retraction of the abdominal wall.
As the movement is not only improve blood circulation, but also warn of constipation, which are dangerous when quam varices.

In the rehabilitation period special attention should be paid to site, where they manufactured the operation. The stitches are formed 2-3 months, yet so much of the time it will take scarring.

Diet in the rehabilitation period after surgery on the quam varices should be balanced and varied, it is entirely the imposition of the food-провокаторы. The first day after the operation the patient offer a semi-liquid porridge on the water, the soup on the vegetabilis; of broth, steam cutlets of white meat poultry, lean fish, vegetable stews. After the end of the bed mode menu it is possible to expand.

Important! Avoid overeating. Overweight in quam varices not allowed, the maximum питательность diet – 2500 calories per day (for men with reasonable physical activity).

During the rehabilitation period after surgery on the quam varices is a very important drinking regime.
  • menu costs include the homemade compotes and fructus bibit, rich in vitamin C and potassium;
  • instead of coffee is better to drink green or herbal tea;
  • on et operated quam varices positively affect freshly squeezed juice from pyropis, cherries, black currants, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit. They enrich the body with vitamins, LASCIVIBUNDUS, contribute разжижению blood.

After surgery on the quam varices from the diet is necessary to exclude the food causing тромбозы, swelling that impairs blood flow. This category includes a variety of cold cuts and canned foods, which contain an increased amount of salt and preservatives, hot sauce and spices, fatty meat, hard vegetable fats, industrial sweets and carbonated drinks.

In the rehabilitation period after surgery is completely eliminated alcohol, it is advisable to give up smoking and. Ethanol and nicotine accelerate the process of deformation of the blood vessels and can cause тромбозы.


Rehabilitation period after surgery on the quam varices – the opportunity to pay special attention to your health. Proper diet, compliance with the rules of hygiene, adequate physical activity, exclusion провоцирующих factors you back in the shortest time possible and to avoid unpleasant complications.