What medication to prescribe from varicose veins veins on the legs and how to receive them?


Varicose veins – a serious chronic disease, the main features of which are stretching the tissue of the vascular wall with the formation of the inflammation of the nodes. While this was a significant violation of the outflow of blood and its stagnation in the vascular system.

Medical therapy in this disease is an important component in the comprehensive treatment of varicose veins. In practice, only 9-10% of the patients, suffering from this disease, carried out operative intervention. Most of the stories of the disease confirm the effectiveness of treatment of varicose veins with the help of drugs.

The overall treatment strategy

Treatment of varicose veins medicinal preparations should start as soon as possible. In this case, the process stops and doesn't progress. Funds usually adopt long-term courses, sometimes up to 6 months , as well as self-therapy and preventive measures, as well as in the form of additional components on the phases before and after the surgery.

Treatment of varicose veins drugs is only possible in the case of contraindications to surgical intervention.

Medical therapy will not remove the venous nodes and totally fail to remove vascular asterisks. But when the competent scheme of treatment drugs acts as a serious obstacle for the development and progression of the disease.


To thrombophlebitis, trophic ulceration and thrombosis not become your constant companion, start taking medications from varicose veins veins on the legs at the first signs of the disease. Even operative intervention will help just by medical therapy.

Group of drugs and their effects

When venous varicose veins medicinal substances classified according to the type of action on three basic groups:

  • venotonic or phlebotrophic means;
  • sanguinem scens means (anticoagulants) and medicines, depressing clumping of blood platelets (antiaggregants);
  • the anti-inflammatories.

One of the problems of treatment of varicose veins medicines – strengthen of tone of the vascular walls of blood vessels and stabilization of the venous blood flow. This task addresses the effective phlebotrophic venotonic drugs, which necessarily enter into the scheme of treatment and prevention.

Research and medical practice have shown the efficacy of phlebotonics, developed on the basis of natural flavonoids – diosmin and hesperida.. These substances are not just protect the cells of the veins, but to stimulate the outflow of lymph circulation and to stabilize the work of the capillaries. It is especially an effective simultaneous reception of combined drugs, which are both flavonoid.

The most commonly phlebotrophic means receive from 2 to 3 months courses. It is important to receive match with the hottest time of the year when the burden on the blood vessels is increased in connection with high temperature air and drinking large amounts of water. If varices is accompanied by chronic venous insufficiency phlebotonics taken continuously at half the dose.

A patient with a diagnosis of varicose veins from the very beginning should get a systemic treatmentto prevent the development of disease and reduce the likelihood of complications.

The second task is solved drugs that thin the blood (anticoagulants) and to improve its flowing properties, prevents the formation of thrombotic clots (antiaggregants).

Blood clots, their detachment from the vascular wall and the movement in the žilníy the bottom leads to the overlap of the blood vessels of the heart, lungs and brain of man. Consequently, there is a very high probability of developing a heart attack, pulmonary embolism and ischemic stroke.

Antiaggregants are not a cure for varicose veins, and are used as a means for the prevention of its serious complications – thrombosis and thrombophlebitis. It can be said that these drugs is saving the patient's life and to a minimum to reduce the threat of disability.

With the aim of reducing painful sensations, swelling, fullness of tissues and other symptoms of inflammation of the vein walls use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics.

A list of the most effective means of


Important: in the form of tablets phlebotrophic drugs while varicose veins contraindicated for use in the first trimester of pregnancy, when feeding breast and a special sensitivity to the components.

The dosage and length of therapy medication for varicose veins of the lower extremities is calculated the doctor depending on the severity of the varicose process and history.

Blood thinners, varicose veins

cream from varicose veins

Appointment of antiplatelet agents in the form of injections and tablets, increases the fluidity of blood and prevention of blood clots, deals only with the attending physician. The dose and scheme of treatment of patients assigned only individually.

As drugs that thin the blood in varicose veins as chimes, trental, pentoxifylline, have serious contraindications and side effects. At the time of their application is the need to regularly monitor the indicators of blood coagulation by donating your tests RUBLES.

Anti-inflammatory non-steroidal substances

This kind of drugs need to be on strong pain of the head, spreading along the paths of the trough of the container, when the growth temperature, to reduce the swelling and other symptoms of the inflammatory process. Help to suspend the process of the development of varicose veins in thrombophlebitis and thrombosis, which are dangerous to life.

The dosage and duration of the course is determined only by a physician, because these drugs have serious contraindications and side events.

What do you cannot

In the diagnosis of varicose veins must with attention acting to lifestyle, nutrition and sports. It does not address:

  • active exercise, running, jumping (which will be yoga lessons);
  • long-term standing, or prolonged sitting;
  • the application of all the drugs without consultation with a doctor-phlebologist;
  • long ago, someone was unmoving the position of the feet. In addition, at high altitude there is a sharp thickening of the blood, which leads to the formation of blood clots;
  • the adoption of hot baths, saunas;
  • it is strictly forbidden to canned and honey massage, is allowed only hand view of the medical massage.

Possible complications

Trophic ulcers evoke strong feelings of pain, disorders of lifestyle, work and sleep due to the strengthening of a feeling of heaviness in the legs and inability to stand long and move.

  • Trophic ulcers – a form of complication with varicose veins, which is manifested in the development and deepening of long non-healing ulcers. Usually on the lower extremities arises from his own painful ulcers, which is often observed "weeping" in the form of a selection of serous bloody fluid, which relates to the affected tissue.
  • Thrombophlebitis characterized by acute inflammation of the walls of the affected vessels, with the formation of thrombotic masses, the overlap of the lumen of the vein and violates the normal flow of blood. When walking or standing the pain occurs, congestion and compaction of the tissue along the veins, often the temperature rises.
  • The difference vienna or node causes severe bleeding, requiring immediate medical assistance.

Urgent appeal for medical help

The immediate contacting of a physician is required upon the occurrence of the following symptoms:

  • Amplification of the pain of the affected limb, inability to climb out of bed, or do several steps;
  • The skin on the feet warm, edematous and dense to the touch.
  • Skin color changing from pale to cyanotic or cyanotic-red;
  • Sudden shortness of breath, lack of air, sweating, and sudden weakness;
  • Bleeding from the land of the affected skin or varicose node.

The necessary medicines for varicose veins of the lower extremities must necessarily be present in the system of comprehensive treatment. Even after the implementation of the operational procedure need several courses of income phlebotonic and antiplatelet agentibus funds , in order to avoid any venous disorders, inflammation and complications on the background of the disease.

Many multi-medication varicose veins acts combined, have several functions. The effectiveness of these drugs is more expressed. Optimally apply the treatment courses in the correct dosage, are designed phlebologist, in combination with compression therapy, where there are yoga classes, swimming in the pool, phytotherapy.