The reasons варикоза and its development.

During normal movement of blood in the human body and actively acts as the arteries feeding blood down, so the veins, which return it to the up – this is a two round event that is still in school in the study of human anatomy. The process of the venous circulation "runs" the heart, like everything in our body, and thanks to the united work of the heart and muscles, the blood rises. The blood rises толчками, with фиксированием in certain places, where the vessels are placed the valves, not allowing the blood to fall down.

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During active movements of the person, e.g. when walking, the muscles of regularly dropping and the release of which provide the promotion of blood from the lower valve to клапану, which is higher in vienna, and so on is A description of the normal course of the blood in vienna, but if the valve shrinking not completely, if the walls of the veins are expanded, if the lumen of the vein become wider, then occurs the return flow of blood, causing disturbances in the functioning of blood vessels. This disease of the veins is called varicose. In detail we look at, what is this disease, what are its causes and possible prevention варикоза.


The valves are only in the coupling (communication) veins, where they connect the superficial and deep veins. Working fully valves of the "missing" blood in the deep veins, but she didn't give her the option to go back, pushing her up and the blood vessels. When the expansion of vienna between the closed flaps is formed a small gap, which gives the chance of blood back into the глубинную or superficial veins.


The accumulation of blood leads to a further растягиванию the walls of blood vessels, and the gap between the flaps increases. Refluxes – pathological countercurrents in the superficial veins provoke education stars, then formed the vein node that already sticks out from under the skin, and the vicious circle of the disease closed. To break out of this circle get out on their own without the help of doctors, only using the ointment and pills, this is impossible.

Vienna will never fall to the desired diameter, because its elasticity of the vascular walls is lost, the disease or slow down, or stop using surgery. Symptoms варикоза, its causes, treatment – must know about this more, to make the right lifestyle become your principle, and only the disease a little depart, and its development will be possible hold.

No complete work by inflammation of the valve causes the presence of adverse factors, which act on the person, and the wrong way of life – this is just one of the factors. Vienna has a system of compression-relaxation techniques, to push the blood up, that work for him are doing the muscles.

If the muscle is not active due to sedentary work, малоподвижности man, lack of exercise or regular walking, многочасового sitting behind the wheel or at a computer monitor, then "earn" the disease can be even without the presence of a genetic predisposition to it. It is necessary to know and remember, that for varicose veins causes of disease – not just the changes that are taking place in the blood vessels of the lower extremities, it is the whole complex of changes, which affects the whole organism of man.


Visible symptoms варикоза appear much later than the disease itself, so if your relatives were the manifestations of the disease, to observe and обследоваться at the doctor-флеболога it is necessary without exception. Various causes for the formation of варикоза result in some confusion in the medical world, because he always believed that the best way to avoid disease – is its prevention. In the case with varicose veins prevention cannot be considered 100% market share means, because the main reason варикоза – it is heredity.


Completely no matter who in the family had problems with венами, which housed the troubled areas, the disease локализуется in any place, where the veins are in the groin, on the feet or in the area of the anus. With the presence of the gene responsible for this disease, the disease can manifest at any age. Of course, that the more common varicose veins of the lower extremities, but this does not negate the possibility of manifestations of the disease in any part of the body.

The reasons for the development of варикоза, the speed and severity of the disease depends on the patient behavior, his persistence to heal and maintain the necessary lifestyle. Poor venous wall can be healthy in the absence of adverse factors, of vienna cannot expand, if there is reason for it. In addition to inheritance shall be issued other causes of developing the disease:

  1. Lack of movement or stationary (disabled people) life style.
  2. Gender – in women the disease occurs more frequently.
  3. Many hours of driving a car, working on the computer, including all the professions, вынуждающие a person to sit at work for a long time.
  4. Heavy physical burden, known to have a permanent character (athletes, movers and other professions, where one is constantly forced to stand in place – stylists, vendors, carpenters, woodworkers, and more.).
  5. High heels, carrying heavy bags, and so on.
  6. The lack of changes in activities in the daily cycle, monotonous static work.

This is just a small list of reasons that cause the disease, so it is necessary regularly as the examination at the флеболога, and especially in those cases when it appears heaviness in the legs or swelling. And so if your relatives on each row were similar problems, then the specialist should state your наблюдающим doctor as soon as possible, to prevent the development of disease.

If at all deal with the treatment варикоза, then from the emergence of the first inflammation of the stars on feet to hospital beds need a little time, and between man and painful death will remain only one possibility of saving – a surgical scalpel.

Doctors there are 6 basic stages of varicose veins:

  • Zero stage, when it is gradually manifested symptoms similar to the symptoms of варикоза – it is heaviness in the legs, swelling, sometimes even cramps during sleep or rest. According to the results of the study Доплера or visually determine the presence of disease cannot be.
  • 1 stage – the symptoms remain, they are added venous asterisk, significant venous grid on the legs.
  • 2 phase, or the phase of the disease, when the person himself can see under the skin nodules of blue or thickened vienna. Sometimes it is felt in the muscles when you change the position of the body. Because there are nodes, it means there is stagnation of blood in the deep veins, contributing to the formation of blood clots.
  • 3 phase – is the formation of strong swelling in the evening. In the morning the swelling may not be, but during the day it returns again, and it hurts me legs, frequent cramps.
  • Stage 4 is characterized by the emergence of varicose nodules that may rapidly move into a phase of ulcers. The color of the skin on the legs change into a dark brown, almost black. Perhaps the development of atrophy of the skin, venous leg ulcers.
  • 5 phase – all of the above symptoms, the last and the re-opening of the трофическая ulcer.
  • 6 phase – is the presence of a constant трофической ulcers, prone to expanding and deepening.

Surgical intervention can be done already at 1 stage, when the walls of small blood vessels склеивают the introduction of specific injectable composition. Using laser coagulation склеивают large blood vessels. In both cases, it is necessary rehabilitation after the operation: wearing a special knitted fabric, to give up high heels, in addition, categorically, you cannot lift weights. In the more complicated surgical operations on the veins, the surgeons make an individual target for the period of rehabilitation.


Indeed, a large proportion of patients with this diagnosis – it is about women, while at the рожавших or ladies who are suffering from obesity, it is the level of risk to "get" varicose veins of the lower extremities is much higher than for those who regularly play sports and a lot of walking. Reception of hormonal preparations in the period of the treatment of infertility, or menopausal period can lead to the rapid development of варикоза.


Women are 2-3 times more prone to the disease than men. Hormonal therapy is considered an additional factor, which is able to cause disease because the hormone of a yellow body, relaxes the muscles, removes muscle cramps, but this action extends to the venous wall. Inflammatory phenomena in the pelvic organs also cause the emergence of disease.

Women wear high-heeled shoes fall into the group of risk. But if honestly, then to visually distinguish 7–сантиметровый heel from 11-сантиметрового difficult, because there is a reason to wear low-heeled shoes or volatile. Most women have either a job, or a job однообразную, in the context of one provision of the body. When working in a seated position it is necessary to organize ourselves hourly walks, at a constant work – comfortable vacation at least once per hour. Light gymnastics and massage of the feet will also come in handy.


As usual, the disease suffering from drivers-truckers, forced a lot of hours spend behind the wheel. Here as well men get involved in sports with high physical exertion, the workers, the movers and those who is forced to deal with the work, while maintaining the provisions of the body. Highly внутрибрюшное pressure during lifting weights causes damage to the heart valves, as well as the pressure in the veins at a constant sitting position of the body. In addition, that men are not willing to pay as much attention to the appearance of their feet, both women go to the doctor already in the late stages of the disease.

Without knowing that varicose veins can affect not only the feet, but also other organs, men can get varicose veins seed канатика – varicocele, the disease, which he suffers every tenth man in the country. Infertility – this is the result of this disease, even if surgery can fix it.


Frequent constipation during pregnancy, persistent coughing, severe sneezing with colds diseases, creates prerequisites for the emergence of варикоза in the veins, which pass along the rectum. In fact, this kind of disease is hemorrhoids, which can suffer anyone. It is necessary to timely treat the hemorrhoids, eat right, move a lot, to avoid the pathology of the veins in this area. It is important to remember that wherever they appeared the disease: prevention and treatment must be a special way of life, учитывающим the specifics of the disease.



Everything can trigger varicose veins in adults also applies to adolescents. In the period of puberty in boys 14-15 years varicocele is manifested due to the peculiarities of the structure of the body, increased hormonal background, neural overload, associated with physical or emotional burden. Arterial-venous fistulas or holes межу blood vessels can be the cause of the beginning of varicose veins on the legs.

In girls before the start of menstruation can also cause swelling of the legs, heaviness and pain in the lower abdomen, the legs, which quickly pass after the cessation of bleeding. Frequent constipation due to improper diet, desire to lose weight, also can cause the emergence of symptoms варикоза.