Varicose veins in the legs: symptoms and treatment

varicosity of the veins of the legs – is not just a cosmetic problem, causing anxiety among the people about its appeal, but also a dangerous disease requiring adequate treatment and compliance with preventive measures.

The causes of varicose veins is very much: from the sedentary way of life, physical overload and ending with hormonal disorders, congenital weakness of the walls of the blood vessels, pregnancy. What happens when a varicosity? At varicose expansion of veins of the lower extremities to lose their normal elasticity and under the pressure of the blood are stretched.

The valves in the veins, which in the normal state, there are certain castles, and when the blood flows through them, they close and they give options to reverse the outflow of blood. If at work the valves of the observed crashes, the blood can freely pull down, which leads to stagnation of blood.

As a result of these, the veins are not able to cope with the pressure, dilate, the valves are no longer able to override a great height - all of this raises the occurs the initial stage of varicosity.


The causes of the occurrence of varicosity

Why there is varicosity, and what is it? The main risk factors for the development of the disease is considered a genetic predisposition and gender affiliation. From love to high calcibus, hormonal adjustments during pregnancy and intake of contraceptives, the women become victims of varicosity twice as often men.

The development of the disease contribute:

  1. Heredity. Older walking alone is not a disease, but a genetically conditioned structure of the veins: weak connective tissue by inflammation of the walls, congenital неполноценные the valves of the veins. This is the reason why varicosity can be observed in young, healthy and active (regardless of gender) people and even in children. According to scientists, genetic predisposition is the main factor for the leading varicose expansion of veins on the legs.
  2. Hormonal changes. Of the functions of the body in women during periods of hormonal disorders are becoming the causes of the stagnation of blood. For them, the most dangerous period – puberty, pregnancy, the time after giving birth. Also dangerous time, when approaching a climax. This sexual category of patients are turning to physicians in 2-3 times more often. In the women's organs, lack of hormones, called estrogens. Instead of them outweighs the so-called hormones yellow body. It is believed that he has a muscle relaxing effect. It contributes to the expansion of the veins.
  3. Lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, or work that requires a longer stay in a standing position, contributes to the development of varicose veins.
  4. Age. Over time the valves and walls of veins are thin, this leads to the disruption of their work.
  5. Obesity. Overweight leads to an increase in the load on the leg veins.

Secondary varicosity arises when injuries of feet, evil of the heart, disorders of the function of the liver and spleen. In this case, it is in the first place spend the appropriate treatment of the primary disease.

Phase varicosity

One can distinguish 3 stages of symptom progression in the development of varicosity.

  1. Phase compensation. The complaint is missing. During the inspection noted варикозно dilated veins on one or two legs.
  2. Phase of the sub-compensations. Looking at the feet visible, expressed варикозно dilated veins. Patients have complaints feel распирания, парестезии ("pins and needles") in the area of the lower limbs, night cramps. Celebrate the small swelling of the feet, ankles and lower legs in the evening. In the morning the swelling will disappear.
  3. Phase декомпенсации. The above featured connects dermatitis, eczema. Patients tormented by itching of the skin. The skin becomes dry, shiny, tight спаянной with subcutaneous fibers. Minor bleeding and subsequent deposition of hemosiderin обуславливают гиперпигментацию.

Itself varicosity, is not considered a very serious disease, but if it is already developed, alone will never take place, and even more will follow, which leads to all sorts of complications, which pose the greatest danger.

phase варикоза

Symptoms of varicosity

The first symptoms, which indicate, at the beginning of the development of varicosity:

  • rapid fatigue of the legs;
  • swelling of the lower limbs;
  • a feeling of heaviness in the legs.

In the later stages it is possible to mention the emergence of spider veins on the skin покровах, protruding veins and a variety of seals, is indicative of the stagnant phenomena in vessels.

Symptoms of varicose veins on the legs

In different stage of varicosity vein symptoms can be different – from the almost asymptomatic small vascular "stars" to the heavy and painful manifestations.

Local development in the initial stage, you can симптоматике:

  • the emergence of pain in the legs, a feeling of warmth and sometimes even a burning sensation in the veins of the legs;
  • heaviness in the legs;
  • in the evening appear swelling in the legs;
  • in the night begin to cramps in the legs;
  • dilated veins;
  • the skin of the lower extremities acquires a dark color, appear the seal, it is possible to трофические ulcers.

Findings any initial symptoms, it is necessary to immediately proceed to the treatment of varicose veins – symptoms in themselves do not disappear.


To diagnose the varicosity of the lower extremities, and assign the appropriate treatment, the specialist will suggest patient to pass a comprehensive examination, which includes a variety of methods.

  1. Duplex scanning (ULTRASOUND of the veins)- the most informative method of diagnosis of varicose veins on the legs, bringing the opportunity to get an idea of the scale of the enlargement of the veins, direction of blood flow in the veins and their patency, and also detect the presence of blood clots (blood clots).
  2. Контрастная venography, which represents a survey method, which allows you to see the enlarged vein and to learn about the extent of their clearness for blood.

Diagnose varicosity deep vein thrombosis can only highly qualified doctor.

The consequences

Осложненное during the varicosity accompanied by the formation of тромбозов and inflammation of the veins, trophic язвами and disorders of the skin. These complications manifest themselves by changing the color of the skin on the feet, rubore, dimout, venetus skin.

Also characterized by persistent swelling голеностопа, especially severe when walking or standing. In the area of the calf occur pain when walking, tenderness on the go извитой vienna, the seal on the skin and education on her sores of different sizes.


If you have a tendency to this disease, the implementation of these recommendations will help slow down its progression:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes without каблука or on a low heel.
  2. Under load it is possible to make leg warmers or deployment of the therapeutic knitted things, but only after consultation with your doctor.
  3. Do not stay and do not sit long in one place – movement, do the exercise, more frequently change the body position.
  4. Do not take hot baths, especially in the morning – it is better to replace it with a warm shower with a final cold обливанием.
  5. Give up smoking, which worsens the condition of blood vessels.

Primary prevention – it is reasonable двигательная activities: swimming, walking, cycling, charging.

During pregnancy

Pregnancy significantly increases the risk of varicosity of the veins of the lower extremities, it shall contribute the following reasons:

  1. Hormones circulating in the blood during pregnancy, increase the extensibility of the vascular wall and contribute to the stagnation of venous blood in the legs.
  2. Increased внутрибрюшное pressure on the late stage of pregnancy makes it difficult outflow of blood in the veins of the legs.
  3. varicosity of the veins that appeared during pregnancy, may pass completely after childbirth, either to proceed on, that depends on the individual factors (heredity, the presence of other assumptions).
treatment варикоза on the feet

Treatment of varicosity of the veins on the legs

At varicose expansion of veins on your feet, treatment may be medical necessity, if the symptoms problematic.

However, some people may want to heal from varicose veins for cosmetic reasons, because they are dissatisfied with their views.

Explain the basic techniques that will help you get rid of this problem.

  1. Sclerotherapy. This method of treatment is used, and yourself and in a complex with conservative procedures. Its essence lies in the fact that in a vein with a thin needle or шприцем is introduced a special, signantes her cure, subsequently of vienna, the disappear completely. Meetings are held once a week, it takes from 3 to 6 such sessions. The method allows to avoid scars and scarring.
  2. Non-surgical treatment. If the varicose veins – in the initial stage, and if it does not cause too much difficulty, then they can be recommended elastic pressure stockings. Worn during everyday activities. Help compress the vein, while maintaining their stretching and limiting any discomfort or pain.
  3. Treatment treatment of varicosity relieves symptoms, reduces swelling and pain, slowing down the process of development, but is not able to stop the disease entirely and restore the damaged vein.
  4. Laser treatment of varicose veins on the legs can be used on the surface of the skin. Using a short outbreak of laser light on the wall of the vein develops the process of sclerosing and varicose veins disappear, as would have been erased.

A big role in the treatment and prevention play a physical exertion — brisk walking, gymnastics, swimming and exercise in water (with the exception of sports exercises with large loads on the legs — tennis, weight lifting, jumping).

Drugs venotonicos

The event data of drugs is aimed at increasing the tone of smooth muscles in walls of blood vessels, which allows to maintain their elasticity and normalize blood circulation in the affected areas.

Many of venotonicos – it's drugs integrated action. The effect, which is achieved when their use is applicable not only to veins but also to all vessels that are in our body.

How to treat varicosity of the veins of folk remedies

There are a huge number of methods of treatment of varicose veins on legs folk remedies, both for outdoor and for indoor use. Listed below are the most common:

  1. The flowers of horse chestnut (50 g) is necessary to pour the 500 grams of alcohol, after which let stand 14 days, every day rocking the bottle. Pass the tincture through сеточку and eat at the dining tablespoon, wash down with water, three times a day before meals. So it is necessary to treat a week, then take a break for two weeks. Then treatment can start again.
  2. The infusion of dried nettle applied at varicose expansion of veins. The dry crushed leaves of the plant, pour in a thermos 1/2 l steep boiling water, to insist 30-40 minutes, strain and take 1/3 cup 3 times a day 1 hour after a meal.
  3. A poultice of the tomatoes. Gently порезанный tomato, go for bandage, gauze, and прикладывается on the sick place. For convenience, you can обвязать elastic or other бинтом. Holding a compress in vienna 2 hours, then changing to a new, and so a total of 3 times. The applicability of this tile is that it can be repeated every day.
  4. Oil tincture from walnuts: immature nuts grind, empty in a glass bowl, pour olive oil and 40 days to infuse in a sunny location. Finished настойкой lubricate the sore spot. The course of treatment is lengthy, as well as in the use of kalanchoe.

In addition to folk remedies, many patients varicosity complementary therapy, special gymnastics — feel a significant improvement allow the exercise Mikulina.