Ointment of varicose veins — the selection of the optimum variants

Treatment of varicose veins veins on the legs must be comprehensive. Especially for that use drugs that have a local effect on the skin and blood vessels. This disease causes many unpleasant symptoms, which include swelling, feeling of heavy legs, inflammatory processes. Ointments from varicose veins to effectively eliminate the manifestations of the disease and prevent its development. Improve the tone of veins and are used for the prevention of complications. Varicose veins leads to the thrombophlebitis, and trophic ulcers on the shin, and it means that the treatment should be started as soon as there appeared the first symptoms of the disease.

Manifestations of varicose veins


Causes and symptoms of varicose veins

Recently, the varicose veins are increasingly affects the youth, so with such a problem faced not only older people. Sometimes surgery they do, even those who has not yet reached thirty years of age. If relatives have varicose legs, or the parents transferred the operative intervention on this occasion, then it is worth thinking about the prevention of this disease. A doctor who deals with such problems – phlebologist. It surveys the person and make a conclusion about whether it is in the risk group. Hereditary causes of susceptibility to this disease, but some factors contribute to its occurrence, e.g.:

  • more often, varicose veins occur in women, than for the representatives of the male sex;
  • a few extra pounds on the scale;
  • the work, which includes a long stay on his feet;
  • available the person has flat feet can also trigger the disease;
  • hormonal disorders in the body, endocrine disorders;
  • constant stress;
  • a sedentary lifestyle causes stagnation.

Varicose veins called pathological enlargement of the veins on the legs. The disease is accompanied by weakness of the valves, located inside blood vessels. Blood circulation in the legs is broken, appears to stagnation and swelling. The disease does not develop immediately, it begins with small symptoms that initially a person can not hold the values. Initially affects the blood vessels, which are on the surface, then the pathology is amplified and the disease process is already affecting a vein located deep.

Outwardly it manifests itself in the form of the venous network and the nodes, when this increases the danger of formation of blood clots. Possible complications carry with them a threat to the life of: thrombosis (obstruction of veins), thromboembolism and sores on your feet. Skin on legs looks ugly, swelling for a long time does not pass, from the outside are visible dilated blood vessels. It is accompanied by inflammation, a person feels discomfort and heaviness in the lower extremities.

Treatment of varicose veins


Ointment of varicose veins – it is not the only way, how to treat, how to overcome this severe disease is possible only with the use of integrated treatment. For this, doctors prescribe medication in the form of tablets and ointments complement is the fact that the local impact. External means capable of eliminating the symptoms of the disease.

Conservative therapy of this disease, improves blood circulation in the vessels and to eliminate the stagnant phenomena. Due to the swelling disappears, the inflammation reduces the risk of thrombosis also declining, serious complications will develop less often. Furthermore, it is reviewed by the creams and ointments, which are considered to be the most effective in the fight with varicose veins.

What to choose: cream, gel or ointment

Drugs for local application in the form of the release divided into the following species:

  • gel;
  • cream;
  • ointment.

These drugs are prescribed for the prevention of the progression of this disease and conservative treatment (without surgery). Medications in tubes vary in their composition, many patients prefer to use gels, because they have a light structure. After application to the skin gel instantly absorbed, so it is considered to be the most comfortable to use. The cream has a little bit more dense structure, but also penetrates well into the skin and leaves no traces. Ointment of varicose veins consists of fatty components, and it so happens that it is not always comfortable to use.

Pharmacy resources that can be purchased on the prescription of a doctor is this:

  • products with horse chestnut;
  • medication with heparin;
  • ointment with troxerutin;
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents in the form of gels or ointments (medication against inflammation).

It should be borne in mind that varicose veins – this is a serious disease that leads to severe consequences, so I unacceptable.