Compression stockings from varicose veins: how to choose and buy

Varicose disease of the legs – this is a very common and dangerous disease that should be treated in the early stages.

The most effective method – it is a comprehensive therapy, in the composition, which is not just medication and physiotherapy, but also the elastic compression of the vein.

Compression stockings

In more advanced stages of the disease will only help the operation. Compression underwear for varicose veins regulates the treatment of the pathology and improves the condition of the patient.

The essence of the therapeutic exposure

Compression treatment of diseases of the veins practiced from ancient times. How it works underwear? It gradually compresses the blood vessels on the legs with varying intensity, from the bottom to the top.

The strongest 100% of pressure occurs in the area of the ankle, since it is from this land of blood harder just to rise.

In this area most often occurs stagnation of blood, and appear trophic wounds.

In the shin area closer to generation, the level of compression is 70%, and slightly above the hips – 40%.

By squeezing the veins and the proper distribution of the load, normalize blood circulation, and blood stagnates in the vessels. Tissue receive nutrients and oxygen.

As for the damaged veins, then the tone of their walls increases, they are more expand and it is not dwindling.

Compression stockings, in fact, to work the muscles on yourself, that stimulates the muscles of the lower extremities. In consequence – and disappear swelling, heaviness, fatigue.

The level of compression

Therapeutic antivarikozny tights, stockings are not sold without a doctor's prescription. Purchase is possible only in special orthopedic stores.

The level of compression underwear:

  • The first level of the. The pressure reaches 22 mm hg. It's a preventative linen, which is used in the expansion of the veins (in the initial stages). When disabled only appears vascular asterisks, slightly increased blood vessels, and by the evening my feet hurt.
  • The second level of the. Pressure of 30 mm hg. Wear a medical knitted fabric such level allowed to the people, which found a disease of the veins is of moderate severity.
  • The third level. The pressure is 43 mm hg. These tights are used in the varicose veins a heavy degree with trophic disorders.
  • A fourth level. Pressure is 48 mm hg. Applies to addition, to reduce the strong swelling. Tights, stockings from varicose veins with this level of compression is most commonly used in the stationary unit.

Material for medical linen

Antivarikozny tights, stockings, knee socks are made of elastic rubber thread nylon, cotton, elastane and microfiber.

It's hassle-free hypoallergenic linen, which externally resembles the usual, even if his design is different.

Tights, stockings varicose perfectly absorb moisture and allow the skin to breathe. Goods look great, comfortable to wear under clothing.

Compression is created at the expense of processing of medicinal jersey with the application of technological innovation.

Stockings compression


Selection of health knit large. What underwear is best to choose?

Types of compression products depending on the therapeutic effects:

  • Preventive antivarikozny tights. They have the least intensity of pressure (17 mm hg), wear is you can to prevent varicose veins.Such linen should be people who are much on foot, or on the contrary, lead a sedentary lifestyle, athletes and in pregnancy. Preventive product should be worn if the leg appeared a vascular asterisk, they begin to radiate veins, painful or swollen legs in the evening.Preventive linen you need to take healthy people of these professions: teachers, shop assistants, hairdressers, drivers and so on And all those who during the day is in one static position. It can be purchased in any pharmacy without prescription.
  • Medicinal products. Have a high level of compression (up to 48 mm hg). Is present an intense impact in the area of the ankle.
  • The hospital of the knitted fabric. A maximum supports the blood vessels, preventing the serious diseases of the veins, such as thrombosis. Is used after surgery, childbirth.

The range of compression of the knitted fabric:

  1. Stockings for varicose are the most popular and in pregnant too, for which, by the way, is created a special model (without pressure in the abdominal area). Products comfortable to wear, easy to take off and put on their hard. Despite the fact that they are excellent, they are set on foot, not slide, thanks to which the pressure evenly distributed on the foot.
  2. Stockings from varicose veins on the zip. This is a great option for men. There are models for tourists, active people, as well as preventive, jewelry for daily wear. Anti-varicose socks are represented in a different design.
  3. Orthopedic leggings. More wear-resistant than other kinds of clothes. The difference is that the socks on this model outdoor. Applies in those cases, in the case that the land that is damaged varicose veins a small.
  4. Elastic bandages. Belongs to the most primitive and affordable techniques of prevention, therapy varicose veins. But its medicinal properties are directly dependent on your ability to apply them. It is important to properly bandage a step for a uniform distribution of compression.

Rules for the selection of

How to select compression underwear so that it was the most effective? Products are characterized by not only a long: leggings ends at the knee, stockings from varicose veins to go up to the hips, and rubber tights should be on the belt. Choose treatment of the knitted fabric is to be in accordance with the place of localization of the main symptoms. If vienna spread to the calves, then you need to buy leggings, and if higher, then you only stockings or tights for varicose.

In addition, if you need to find out its size, for it is necessary to make measurements of the lower limb.

If you buy the leggings, then the measure of a centimeter the circumference of the calf above the ankle and below the knee. And also it is worth to measure the length from the foot to the knee.

Measurements for the selection of compression stockings

If you need stockings varicose then measure the circumference of the shin above the ankle and below the knee, and thigh circumference is 26 cm from the knee, if a person is tall, at a height of 32 see Also measure the length from the heel to the groin.

If you are going to buy tights with varicose veins, then in addition to all of the above measurements it is necessary to measure the circumference of the waist and buttocks.

Compression stockings from varicose veins

To properly pick up a product compare your options with the data in the tables sizes, the packaging of laundry. But it is best to buy lingerie in a store to get a consultant right away pick up your product exactly matching your measurements.

Preventive pantyhose from varicose veins have to wear during pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months. Health underwear for women in location is different from the normal.

Instead of chewing gum on the punčocháčeax elastic belt that supports the abdomen, do not squeeze it.

Many pregnant women prefer stockings with varicose veins. This is due to the fact that the tights still cause discomfort in expectant mothers. And stockings comfortable to wear, they do not squeezing the belly and fits perfectly.

Kinds of compression stockings:

  • classic;
  • silicone rubber bands;
  • with a belt-actors;
  • with open toes.

How to dress?

It is important to not only properly choose and wear lingerie, yet you must dress properly. Step-by-step action:

  • Medical knitted fabric it is necessary to dress immediately after sleep in a bed.
  • There is no need pulls strongly and twist the product.
  • Build on top of a washboard, insert the hand in the stockings (tights, leggings), carefully slide the limit stop.
  • Slowly, without sudden movements spreading their, pull up the product on the lower leg, knee, hip.
  • In the supine position lift the buttocks, gently pull the tights to the waist.

Anti-varicose stockings dress up in the same way.

How to properly wear compression stockings

Compression socks with open toes dress up using sliding socks:

  • slide sliding socks;
  • pull tournaments on socks, remove it;
  • gently spread the tournaments.

There are special preparations which facilitate the dressing of compression of the laundry.

Use latex gloves to avoid scratching the compression underwear. The nails on your feet too need to be cut, and rasp.

The rules of care for your lingerie

  • Clear underwear after every use, but not on the machine, but hands.
  • It is forbidden to strongly twist, press products.
  • Dry linen Terry towel and let dry in a horizontal position.
  • The permissible temperature for the washing – 35°.
  • Clear laundry gentle soap or shampoo.
  • Do not use powders, bleaches, chemical detergents for cleaning.
  • Antivarikozny pantyhose prohibited to dry on the battery or in the sun.
  • As for storage, it is necessary to protect from water silicone rubber.
  • Wipe her fleece, wetted in alcohol.

While respecting the rules of care the medicinal properties of the compression of the knitted fabric will delight you for a long time. Buy clothes only in best locations.

And remember, that compression is measured in mm hg. Do not skimp on your health, and your feet will thank you.

Stockings from varicose veins veins on the legs: prices, how to choose

Varicose veins requires to itself the increased attention.

Just for the treatment in combination with prevention can prevent the spread of varicose veins and development of relapse.

With preventive and curative purpose often use stockings from varicose veins veins on the legs, prices on which are different and depends from the company of the manufacturer and the compression class.

When using the orthopedic stockings

The most common types of compression underwear – stockings. This knit is versatile and it is possible its use in different groups of patients, including the male part of the population.

Before use it is necessary to consult a medical specialist-phlebologist, which is selected depending on the extent of the slaughter of the class of compression of the knitted fabric, and make recommendations for its fit. Stockings for veins on the legs, it is set individually, so how does varying the pressure on the blood vessels. Its application varies from stage varicose veins veins.

The mechanism of action of elastic stockings from varicose veins lies in the fact that squeezing, facing them on the veins of the lower extremities, decreasing from the ankle to the hip. When this is created the maximum approximate value of the pressure in the blood vessels of the lower extremities in a healthy person: the blood stagnates, and vienna do not expand.


Testimony to the use of the orthopedic stockings from varicose veins are:

  • varices of the lower extremities;
  • chronic venous insufficiency;
  • preoperative period before surgical procedures in the veins;
  • the rehabilitation period after the surgery the surgeon.

The designation of different classes of compression of the knitted fabric varies and depends on the stage of the disease. The price of the goods grows together with the class.

1. class compression is appointed as a prevention of varicose veins through the provision of a slight degree of pressure:

  • often used in women during pregnancy;
  • treatment 1 stage of varicose veins veins;
  • prevention of varicose disease when increased swelling in the legs, feeling of heaviness or pain in the legs.

2 pressure class of the fitting from the varicose veins on the legs is prescribed for the provision of high levels of pressure:

3 pressure class has a strong pressure on the blood vessels and is used when:

  • thrombosis deep venous thrombosis;
  • disturbances in lymph-outflow.

4 pressure class knitted fabric provides maximum squeezing of the limb and is used when:

  • anomalies of development in the blood vessels of the innate nature;
  • elephantiasis of the limbs due to the continued stagnation of the lymphatic flow.

Orthopedic stockings from varicose veins have the benefits before punčocháčekamu:

  • allow you to develop the necessary pressure to the lower legs into the groin area;
  • not to put pressure on the abdomen, and the buttocks;
  • comfortable pull on the legs and removable;
  • have an attractive appearance, which is different from the stocking without anti-varicose effect.

They have elastic stockings from varicose veins benefits of and the front of the gaiters:

  • the pressure in the thigh;
  • they have a toe and heel which eliminates the possibility of their distortion;
  • can be worn as a normal linen fabric.

Of the disadvantages of stocking can be distinguished:

  • not to put pressure on the area above the hips;
  • can quickly burst on the tips of the feet or heels;
  • prices for high-quality goods of foreign manufacture, not everyone can afford.

How to choose compression stockings for varicose veins

Of all the patients with the problem of varicose disease, interested in the question of how to choose compression stockings for varicose veins.

Correctly chosen underwear for varicose veins on the legs is the main helper in the fight with disease. The choice of service is possible only after consultation with your doctor.

In addition to selecting the appropriate grade of compression, it is necessary to properly choose the size.

If the size of the knitted fabric picked up less, it will be painful sensations during a strong squeezing the veins on the legs. If the linen will be more, will not be provided the desired exposure.

Linen from varicose veins

Compression stockings for varicose veins are selected according to several criteria:

  1. The degree of compression;
  2. Stockings should to 10 cm, apply to the affected blood vessel to achieve a maximum effect;
  3. Size;
  4. Price.

Elastic stockings of varicose veins veins can be:

  • classic;
  • silicone rubber bands on the feet;
  • with the belt on the velcro;
  • with open cape, which allows you to wear in the summer.

According to the size of compression stockings in varicose veins to choose from it is necessary very thoroughly.

All measurements must be carried out in the morning, not getting up from the bed, where the volume of the lower limbs is minimal and close to the norm.

Measurements are made inch of tape in the position of the raised legs. Then according to the table will determine the required size of the stockings.

Any anti-varicose product for leg veins contains in its composition of elastane, which provides the necessary pressure on the lower extremities depending on the species. It is made of linen with a special technology according to the type of circular knitting.

Elastic stockings of varicose veins veins on the legs for the treatment of diseases of the necessary and useful. Compression and correction of stockings necessarily you need to buy for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins veins on the legs. It is recommended to wear in the working period and home time in the game.