Treatment варикоза without surgery

In the initial stages of varikoznoi the disease can not do without surgery, and use other methods of treatment. This will allow the patient to significantly improve health and stop the development of the disease. Treatment varikoza without the surgery goes and if the surgery is for some reason contraindicated.


If you can do without surgery?

It is possible to get rid of варикоза without surgery? Yes, in the case when there are indications for this treatment, and do it effectively.

Treatment варикоза without surgery is indicated in the following cases:

  • the initial phase of the disease;
  • absolute contraindications to surgical treatment (blood diseases, diabetes, etc.);
  • pregnancy;
  • complications of varicose disease, during which you cannot perform the operation.

The main methods of treatment without surgery

How to cure varikoz without operation? Ways to help various the correct treatment determined by the doctor based on the severity of the condition, comorbidities, duration of disease, the susceptibility of the organism and so on

To the basic methods of treatment варикоза without surgery include kompressionnuyu therapy, treatment пиявками, the use of drugs, mikroflebektomiyu, fitoterapiyu. New methods of treatment варикоза – it is laser coagulation and sclerotherapy. Although the cost of modern methods is relatively high, it follows from the procedures very good.

kompressionnaya therapy

The compressive knits are used as a standalone, and as a further means for the treatment of варикоза. For these purposes apply special stockings, knee socks or stockings with varying degrees of compression, or an elastic bandage.

the compressive knitted fabric

The pressure of the knitted fabric varies according to the degree of "squeezing" on the 4 classes:

  • they are used as prevention and in the initial stage of the disease;
  • when more expressed by the sign of варикоза;
  • it is used in the presence of nodes and expressed by inflammation of the "stop";
  • apply if serious varicose veins.


The essence of the method consists in introducing into the affected container of a special solution, which as though "sticks together" in vienna and destroying the internal packaging of the affected vessel.

skleroterapiyu often used in combination with other bezoperacionnymi methods of treatment varikoza. Method действенен in the big expansion of blood vessels and the development of thrombophlebitis.

Treatment пиявками

Treatment пиявками is quite an effective method in varikozno the expanded veins. This method prevents the further development of the disease, improves the blood flow in the blood vessels and reduces swelling.

For treatment use only special medical leeches. They впрыскивают into the blood stream of a person many useful substances: enzymes, anticoagulants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients, anesthetics.

Tablet from varikoza

Drugs in таблетированной form is used for the treatment varikoza alone or in combination with other methods (local resources, the pressure of the knitted fabric). Most often it is prescribed for several major groups of drugs: flebotoniki, corticosteroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, a derivative of aspirin, the means, which prevent the formation of blood clots.

Regular intake of the tablet helps to increase the tone of the walls of blood vessels, accelerate крово and limfoottoka, reduction of swelling and inflammatory processes.

Laser treatment varikoza

Laser treatment has a lot of advantages, which is confirmed by the evaluation of the patients. When the laser impact on the affected veins on the skin no seams and crevices, missing pain and discomfort during the procedure, there is required a longer recovery period, without the need to stay in the hospital after the procedure.

laser treatment

The essence of laser treatment lies in the thermal effects on the blood cells, which leads vienna "zapaivaetsya" and closes. During the procedure, the physician introduces into the container a laser led, which коагулирует the damaged part of the container.

Preventive action

As prevention varikoza and determination of the result after the treatment is worth considering such advice:

  • fight with being overweight;
  • do not forget about moderate physical activity to prevent stagnation of blood in the legs;
  • нормализуйте your mode of the day, to highlight enough time for proper rest and sleep;
  • spend self-massage of the legs;
  • observe the diet or follow the rules of proper nutrition;
  • give up bad habits;
  • wear comfortable clothes and shoes, avoid high heels;
  • refuse to visit the baths and saunas, if you are prone to varikozy.

Adhering to these simple principles will help you maintain the health of your blood vessels!