Folk remedies from varicose veins veins on the legs. Folk recipes, tips and recommendations

Large varicose veins primarily affects the rectum and the legs, is the result of weakness of the connective tissue, difficulty outflow and the lack of strength of the valves. This disease causes heavy physical work associated with the movement, and by lifting weights, as well as a search on foot for a long time. In addition, the emergence and development of the disease is associated with frequent constipation. In some cases, the disease manifests itself during pregnancy when the heavy uterus compresses veins in a small saucepan. In this article we will tell you about folk remedies from varicose veins veins on the legs. But before that, let's find out what are the symptoms of this disease. So, let's get to it.

treatment of varicose veins veins on legs folk remedies

Symptoms of varicose veins of the legs

In this disease, the veins lose their elasticity, stretch and expand in some places, which form the "nodes". In these advanced fields is the speed of blood flow slows down, which contributes to the development of thrombosis. Vein changes its shape and increases. In some places they are translucent under the skin, and in the other, to swell, forming "nodes". Symptoms of varicose veins of the feet are manifested in the form of fatigue and swelling by the evening. And on the skin of the lower limbs appear bluish, brown and brown spots.

It is necessary to clearly understand that treatment is most effective in the early stages of the disease. If everything runs, then you will only be able to surgical procedure. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor their health and at the first signs to take action immediately. And it will help you in this folk remedy from varicose veins veins on the legs.


It is perfectly stimulates the process of circulation. Also, this nut relieves inflammation of the veins. Preparing of the drug as follows: whole ground nuts in a coffee grinder, or the ground on a grater. Then one-third of a teaspoon of the obtained powder pour boiling water and give to cool to room temperature. Next, add a teaspoon of honey and insist, about 20 minutes. The obtained decoction is drunk in the morning before breakfast. It is very important to every day to cook a fresh batch of powder. Because essential oils quickly erode, and the drink loses its medicinal properties.

Ointments from varicose veins

It helps this disease. Ointment for varicose veins on the legs is prepared on the basis of vegetable oil. But the more frequently used olive, because it contains arachidonic acid. For the provision of composition of the density need to mix the melted animal fat. Also in the process of production, it is recommended to use these plants:

  • wormwood;
  • centipede;
  • cabbage;
  • celandine;
  • kalanchoe;
  • horse chestnut;
  • the bark of the willow.

Such a mixture is easy to prepare. For example, the ointment on the basis of horse chestnut is carried out as follows: 6 dried berries ground into a flour, add 300 milligrams of oil, and 2 tablespoons of crushed flowers of the chestnuts. The resulting mixture warm on a water bath for about 60 minutes. Then they settle down, removing the precipitate, add animal fat and stir. Here, in fact, and all you can immediately use the resulting ointment with varicose veins on the legs.

treatment of varicose veins veins on the legs herbs


To treatment are appropriate not all, but the only green tomatoes. How to treat varicose veins in this case? Everything is simple. The tomato should be cut in half and connect one of the disk flesh to vienna, until it begins to burn. Then the tomato, clean and wash the land with cold water. Then on the leg applied méxico soul mate. And so it is necessary to do it four times. In three weeks you will notice the fading inflammation of the nodes.


Even in ancient times, doctors treat varicose veins in pregnancy on the feet of the cabbage leaves. Then they couldn't explain the reasons of the effectiveness of this tool. Now it is widely known that the leaves of the cabbage contain a large amount of trace elements and vitamins. And their yet continue to be used as compresses to treat varicose veins.

This is done so: a cabbage leaf jumps or rolled a rolling pin. Then one of its sides is smeared with vegetable oil and applied to the affected area. You lock the sheet you need to bandage at night. On the second day the whole procedure is repeated. The total course of treatment – a month.


This plant belongs to the category of "funds from varicose veins veins on the legs for outdoor and home use". In the first case is carried out a compress, and in the second – tea.

Compress do so: ginger root, minced, mixed with honey and put on the problem instead of the 3-4 hours. For greater effect it is worth it to wrap the legs warm plaid.

Tea made from ginger is not only a means of prevention of varicose veins, but also the way how to treat this disease at any stage. Cook it pretty simple: it is necessary to cut off from the root of a small piece, pour boiling water and let stand for about 15 minutes. It is worth noting that the regular use of this tea is not only normalizes blood circulation, but also will have a beneficial effect on the metabolism. That is why this drink is so important to drink for people with overweight.


It is not a very popular folk remedy from varicose veins veins on the legs. However, they are quite effective. The main element of all herbal extracts is vodka. So if it is on the skin, feet are damaged, then it is worth it to try a different method of treatment.

The most efficient – tincture of kalanchoe. Sometimes it adds comfrey or white acacia. Preparing the drug, so: the leaves of kalanchoe finely chopped and composed in the bank. Then pour the vodka and fought for two weeks in a dark place. The prepared infusion rubbed on the trouble spots of the feet twice a day for three months.

Apple cider vinegar from varicose veins on the legs

At this moment it is one of the most popular and the best means of treatment of this disease. The point is that the composition of apple cider vinegar includes more than 20 trace elements and minerals, required containers. Well and, of course, vitamins C, a, and Aa

Regular consumption of this product allows you to achieve:

  • improve blood circulation;
  • the uplifting tone of the skin;
  • the removal of edema;
  • the strengthening of the venous walls.

But apple cider vinegar from varicose veins on the legs will only help in the case of using a natural product that is made from the freshly squeezed juice. Some unscrupulous manufacturers make it from the skin. From this vinegar, there is no benefit.

What oil treats varicose veins?

Along with ointments, tinctures and vinegar actively use essential oils. Most often it is castor, linseed, et cyminum, garlicky, sandalwood and more. So, what to do when varicose veins on the legs, if you have one of the above oils? There are two options:

  • A few drops added to warm bath water. Take need her every day in the evening.
  • And even a few drops add to the cream (butter), when doing a massage when varicose veins on the legs. The resulting consistency is rubbed gentle movements to the affected areas.

The use of the above oils not only strengthens the walls of blood vessels, but also relieves swelling of the legs.

The honey bee sample, propolis and aliterate

These funds of varicose veins veins on the legs has a long history. If in their composition, then immediately becomes obvious huge benefit. But not all listed products are available to the residents of the metropolis.

The exception is the honey. It can be purchased in any store. How to treat varicose veins? On canvas applied with a thin layer of honey and applied to the inflamed veins. The top limb of the wind plastic wrap and bandage. In the first three days compress attach the two, three and four hours, respectively. Then leave it on all night. The course of treatment – from two to three weeks.


If you don't know how to treat varicose veins on the legs in women, then we recommend you to try this berry. Similar to ginger, used for the preparation of the vitaminized drink or a compress.

In the first case is the juice of viburnum mixed with honey (on the 0.5 liters of juice – two tablespoons of honey). Drink four times daily (two tablespoons). The course of treatment – 1.5 months.

To make a compress, berries ground up into a state of suspension, placed it in a rag and attach to the inflamed property, injury bandage. Such a compress is better to leave on all night.


Pumpkin – this is a very useful product, which contains many trace elements and vitamins. For the treatment of varicose veins it is necessary to use the inner pulp, pre-release its seeds. This "cure" rubbed the leg with problem veins, then wind a warm cloth and left for the night. The remaining pulp placed in storage in the fridge. The treatment effect appears not at once, so it's worth the patience.


To be precise, then, to treat varicose veins is used the fruit itself, and made him the ointment. It is prepared as follows: in a glass container and put a layer of lard thickness of 1.5 centimetres. To him, the slices of cut fruits de marcus tullius. The layer should be about 1 cm. Then again it's lard - and so until the complete filling of the jar. It is very important that last one was exactly a layer of pork fat. After the bank put it in the oven or steam bath at a slow fire, and about 24 hours. The resulting ointment to cool and rubbed into the problem area several times a day.

treatment of varicose veins veins on the legs folk ways


Those who know how to treat varicose veins on the legs in women have long been applying this wonderful fruit. It is used both externally, in the form of tiles, and in. Preparing a package, so: wash the lemon cut into circles and attach them to the inflamed veins, fixing the bandage. Worn throughout the day. While mugs of lemon changing to a fresh 2-3 times.

Lemon juice cleanses the blood vessels and increases their elasticity. Therefore, this citrus it is worth to include into the diet of those people for whom the problems started with the vein, or by anyone who wants to prevent their occurrence.

This is one of the best remedies of folk medicine against varicose veins: of the six lemons squeeze the juice and mix it into a glass container with two cups of honey, three leaves of the golden mouth and five teeth of crushed garlic. The resulting mixture should infuse in a dark place for seven days. Drinking cure for four teaspoons once a day. The course of treatment – a month.


This vegetable is used in varicose veins in the form of wraps.

A few peeled potato tubers are crushed on a grater and superimposed on the affected place a layer of one centimeter. All the wind from the top eight layers of gauze soaked in the juice of the potato. Such a compress applied for four hours. It is very important to apply for its preparation not only fresh tubers.


Of all the existing varieties of clays for the treatment of varicose veins perfect blue. Many experts confirm the high efficiency of its impact on the affected veins. With varicose veins the clay is used in the form of appliques.

For the implementation of the procedure, the clay is diluted with water until creamy state. The resulting consistency is applied on the problem area duo layer wind with a Terry cloth towel and matured for not less than two hours. Then the clay is washed off. The course of treatment – 1.5 months of daily applications.

Fish oil

In most cases, is taken orally, for weight reduction and normalization of metabolism. It is known that slow metabolism and being overweight – these are the main reasons varicose veins. But for fish oil and there is another app.

Its mixed with may honey, until a homogeneous mass in a ratio of 1:1. The resulting ointment is applied on the linen cloth and applied to the inflamed veins all night.


Now you know how to treat varicose veins on legs at home. Many people do not pay attention to the pain in the lower extremities, swelling and fatigue at the end of the day, assuming their normal phenomena. Not worth it to them to assimilate. Ignore the symptoms of the disease, you will not be able to get rid of. Therefore, at the first sign of use folk remedies from varicose veins veins on the legs, which were listed in this article. If the effect is not, then contact a qualified phlebologist.