Varicose veins: symptoms, treatment

Diseases of the blood vessels, the system of blood circulation and hemostasis difficult and dangerous. Fight with them is also simple, and here, for example, the treatment of varicose veins how much effort and patience it requires. But life is now such that only a and offers varicose veins of the lower extremities. Even when standing behind the counter, even when sitting at the computer, even when uncomfortable footwear in which must be even and a hurry - all this makes it difficult outflow, causing stagnation in the veins of the lower extremities, and if there is such a disease, the parents followed, then the danger is doubly so.

varicose veins

Young girls think that to them it won't happen again, always your legs will be thin and light, therefore, in the following fashion, to choose high heels and run in them days. The main thing - the beauty and the difficulties can be, and when, you beauty, as is known, the victim wants. And victims can be very large...

What are varicose veins and why are expanding veins?

In violation of the structural construction of the vascular wall and reduce the tone of blood vessels deep veins of the lower extremities, is uneven spreading. This process is very well contributes to the excessive load on the legs. Blood received on the arterial the bottom of the big circle of blood circulation from the left ventricle, enriched with oxygen and nutrients to the lower extremities and visor carbon dioxide and products of the exchange from them, you should climb up on the veins, through the right ventricle to the easy put away the unnecessary and to pick up the next portion of the necessary lower limb substances.

The veins of the lower extremities are equipped with valves to rose blood back to back, because it overcomes the attraction of the Earth, rises up. In the dilated veins of the valves cannot slam firmly, and so all the blood goes away and starts to fall down and stagnate. Then comes the new portion and the blood circulation is disrupted.

From the stagnation of blood in the inflammation of the blood vessels are beginning to slowly form the blood clots (clumps), which indicate the red, because they consist mainly of red blood cells. Clot form the head and tail, the head is attached to the wall of the container, and a free tail it is leaving to hold platelets. Arise blood clots permanently attach themselves on the walls are enlarged veins and become mine occurs as detached and get into the bloodstream clot is very dangerous because they can blockage of vital blood vessels. Rip blood clots, as usual, the tail section and departs for a short trip. After safely right atrium, the clot may get stuck in the pulmonary trunk, if it has great dimensions, or will make in the chylopericardium arteries, which safely overcome no longer be able to. Many have heard about the sudden death, which brought a clot in the clamp on the blood vessels the blood vessels of the lungs, doctors this phenomenon is called PE (thromboembolism of the pulmonary artery).

Where is the reason?

To say that varicose veins of the lower extremities phenomenon generally occurring - nothing to say. But because there are people who survive to a ripe old age and varicose veins no idea. Why? Can initially know that he has a secret, or lay life on the couch with legs raised?

For that structural construction of the venous wall of the vessel was destroyed, too much is not necessary, just some innate characteristics of the individual or the conditions caused in the course of life, they can become the cause of the beginning of the faulty process:

  1. Hereditary predisposition, this means that a person is from their parents gets, is NOT a disease, and the construction of blood vessels, susceptibility to expansion of the veins and disease;
  2. The female sex in connection with the natural meaning.
  3. Loss of elasticity and tone of vascular walls.

Loss of elasticity and tone of the vascular wall occurs in the case of:

  • Professional functions (the work associated with a longer stay in the upright position);
  • Excessive load during pregnancy, obesity and sport;
  • The hormonal background, where the leading place belongs to the hormonal restructuring during the pregnancy and in the climacteric period;
  • Permanent disorders of nutrition and dietary preferences of products, which affects the vascular walls;
  • Disease exchanges;
  • Liver disease (hepatitis and cirrhosis);
  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Smokers;
  • Venous-arterial fistula, which can cause enlargement of the veins on the legs, even for teenagers.

How looks like a real varicose veins on the legs?

In addition to these described the terrible events of the varicose disease of the lower limbs is just unattractive. In the beginning of the disease, when spread 2-3 wreaths, the person often and attention is not paid, but the disease progresses, and the problems begin. The nodes I have, the skin on the inner side of the shank shimmers and changes colors, and these places are starting to severely itch. Skin injured and ulcerate. And if in addition to that have diabetes? The expansion of the veins of the legs – is not an independent disease, the legs, the whole body is here involved, because it is the circulatory system.

So, the manifestations of varicose veins of the lower extremities can be imagined in the following form:

  1. The feeling of fatigue in the legs, heaviness and swelling of the limbs;
  2. Thickened and convoluted plots inflammation of the blood vessels, protruding above the surface of the skin of the lower extremities dark blue nodes;
  3. The compact, darkened, lost elasticity in places lesions of the skin;
  4. Cramps in the legs;
  5. Hair loss and burning sensation on the locations of varicose veins;
  6. Itching in the locations of varicose knots.
  • Strengthen pain;
  • Due to stagnation, dermatitis, eczema and ulcers of the damaged sections;
  • On the itching places appear bubbles and cracks, that give bleeding at the slightest injury. And where there is bleeding, it is always present the blood clot.
varicose veins on the legs

Thrombosis are able to, in return, easily complicate thrombophlebitis, for which they are typical the following symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath, lack of air, weakness;
  • The increase in the temperature of the sick limbs, her skin hot and dense;
  • Pain on the go container;
  • Redness of the extremities in the course of the affected veins.

Specific types of varicose veins

Woman varicose veins

Of course, varices most own veins of the lower extremities, but the expansion of the veins of the pelvic also the phenomenon of frequent and you can imagine what the authorities can go, because the eye not see what is going on in the veins of the internal organs. In particular, in this sense, it is "doing" the female body, for women there is even a separate group of "their" of the varicose veins.

The physiological functions of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity's susceptibility to this disease more so as nature has bestowed their function of procreation, and has endowed with special authorities, where the blood circulation is very intense and requires a large amount of veins and arteries. When a woman get ready to become a mother, then the body must adapt and ensure a normal pregnancy. Of course, the burden on the body is colossal and stagnant, and in the small pelvis and the lower extremities, the site has.

Varicose veins in pregnancy will become the starting point for the development of the disease in the future, where the expansion of the veins of small pelvis, as well as the legs, maybe will take a "decent" place and over time begins to pose a threat not only for health but also a person's life.

The whole trouble is that the enlargement of the veins of the pelvic just so we can see, for this you need special equipment, because the venous vessels of the small pelvis is not so available, as on the legs. However, they also form the nodes, similarly as with leg veins can include blood clots, that are able to take off and "indulge in the free swimming", unfortunately, short... Varicose veins of small pelvis, may become the cause of internal bleeding. Operations on the pelvic organs, and especially in obstetrics, and provides for the mandatory use of compression of the knitted fabric (elastic stockings and tights) for the warning-threatening complications associated with the separation of the precipitate.

Android varices

Varicose veins in men happens to a lesser extent than in women, but in the case of damage to the legs manifests itself similarly. So all what is mentioned above and below - fully applicable to the strong sex.

It is worth to add, that men can "boast" a special male varicose veins - enlargement of the veins of seed cord (varicocele). Fortunately, this kind of male varicose veins well it operates and for the life of not particularly dangerous, but still, it is better to do without it.

Reticular (cosmetic) varicose veins

It happens that through the skin of the lower leg or thigh suddenly begins to exude a mesh of tiny blood vessels. Particularly susceptible you can calm down now - it's called a reticular varicose veins or varices of the superficial veins. It is okay, and how would not completely real. Course and serious complications for him is not his own, that is, in general, in addition to a small cosmetic defect, not compromised. So reticular varices of the lower extremities is still referred to as cosmetic.

And it's not particularly perceptive, you need to realize how dangerous varicose veins on my feet and ready to fight with him still in the early stages, which occur just ignored and skipped myself sick. However, to find out about the disease, the future patients of the vascular surgeon yet trying to bypass no surgery in the future, interest in the recipes of folk medicine and often quite successfully deal with the progression of the disease in domestic conditions.

Treatment of folk remedies

varicose veins in pregnancy

Nutrition for varicose veins

Sure, nutrition for varicose veins of the role plays. And a hefty. Lose weight while varicose veins is really very useful, so from that and should start, of course, without resorting to the many advertising products that can be, and are good for weight loss is simple, but is contraindicated in the treatment of varicose veins.

With varicose disease of the lower extremities in the first place it is necessary to forget:

  1. The alcohol (completely);
  2. Solid coffee;
  3. Canned, acute and smoked products;
  4. Sweets and salt varices likes also - they water in the body of the hold;
  5. Fried potatoes very well replace "the potatoes in their skins" and listen to what advise experienced people.

And knowledgeable advice:

  • lean on foods rich in vitamins a and E, while In the and With too much of a nuisance will not be;
  • grains of wheat, rye and oats, cabbage of all kinds, soy, carrots, gooseberries and rose hips mainly - positively will act on the venous walls;
  • unlimited amount of vegetables, fresh juices of citrus fruits, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and strawberries in a fresh state;
  • nettle, fennel and parsley to salads, you will not only help with varicose veins, but also significantly reduce the weight.

Apple cider vinegar against varicose veins

Apple cider vinegar everywhere sold in the store and costs completely not expensive. The taste pleasant. For treatment use:

2 tea spoon of vinegar, add a teaspoon of honey, pour the purified water in the amount of 200-250 ml and drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Divorced in a ratio of 1:10 apple cider vinegar good evening rub against the shins, the morning blood vessels that will feel.

nutrition for varicose veins

It is high time to see a doctor!

Conservative treatment

It happens that they started on time the treatment stops the disease process, and people live on without the doctor, by keeping the folk remedies, regime and diet. The same happens when the disease is running, and not be of help:

  • Decoctions and infusions;
  • The pressure of the knitted fabric;
  • Ointments and creams advertised in the media;
  • Massage and gymnastics;
  • Even hirudotherapy does not help.

Means that it is time to see a doctor. In the reception of each clinic explain that the enlargement of the veins of the lower extremities is engaged in a special surgeon containers.

Of course, medicine is always trying to do without radical measures, that is, without operation, to the last trying conservative treatment. Every surgery, even the simplest, is associated with the violation of the integrity of blood vessels, and it began to be, with the blood sraženinym, who has a place in varicose inflammation of the blood vessels. In addition, any surgical intervention requires the provision of anesthesia. Here it is necessary to take into account the age of the patient, as it is known, that at an advanced age, varicose veins often accompany chronic diseases of the respiratory tract and the cardiovascular system, and this fact significantly limits the choice and management of anesthesia. Therefore, a vascular surgeon treats varicose veins initially conservatively.

To conservative treatment, in addition to the ointment, cream and tablets from varicose veins, belongs to and such types of minimally invasive surgery, such as compression sclerotherapy (a special therapy) and laser coagulation of varicose veins (about them below), so how this treatment does not require hospital stay, little traumatic and almost painless.

For the treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities prescribe drugs to improve the outflow of blood in the veins, which protects the wall and blood thinners. These include:

treatment of varicose veins
  1. Drugs whose effect is aimed at the improvement of the venous outflow;
  2. Antiplatelet agents that dissolve clots;
  3. Drugs that prevent blood clotting (anticoagulants);
  4. Ointments from varicose veins, gels and creams for the local destination, which have a therapeutic effect on the above mentioned criteria;
  5. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.