How to use bee rescued from varicose veins

Treatment of varicose veins honey and other products of life of bees has an important place in folk medicine. Inasmuch as it is justified and whether it can be used as monotherapy? Or it is necessary to treat in combination with other funds? How safe treatment of varicose veins by bees (i.e. beeswax sample), as well as other medical procedures related to the use of products that bees make? Why can not do so ill a variety of cosmetic procedures? On this and many other questions you will find answers below!

bee saved a from varicose veins

What is the "Bee rescued" and whether it is worth it to use in varicose veins?

Pathology associated with impaired construction of the venous wall is gaining more and more prevalence — and this contributes to the sedentary lifestyle of our contemporaries and being overweight. Despite this, the pharmacological companies, which every year they come with a huge number of different drugs and biochemically active substances of synthetic origin, the use of drugs of plant origin, does not lose its relevance. It contributes a number of reasons:

  1. High efficiency. They are in several links of the pathogenesis, medicinal remedies from nature itself have a much more pronounced effect than pharmacological preparations. For fairness it should be noted that the clinical effect of the last implemented much faster;
  2. Availability. Due to the fact that the implementation of the "chemical" medicines is associated with many formalities, of which the solution to the pharmacological company is forced to lay considerable financial resources, their market value will grow dramatically. Which cannot be said about the means of folk medicine — they always remain accessible even to those sick, who are attached;
  3. Compatibility with other drugs. To increase the effectiveness of the treatment is recommended the combined use of the financial means of traditional and folk medicine.
  4. Security. Never on medicines of plant origin was not an allergic reaction or any undesirable side effects.

One of the most well-known drugs of alternative medicine is the "Bee saved". Many believe that the composition of this medium include only the waste products of bees, but in fact it is not.

Product contains still, and numerous plant substances that significantly improve the clinical effect, at the same time act on the several links of the pathogenesis. Composition means "the Bee saved from the varicose veins" looks like this:

  • The bark of the siberian larch – folder, providing pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, reduces the permeability of blood vessels, eliminates swelling;
  • Rhizomes of Dioscorea nipponskoy — contribute to the normalization of the circulatory system;
  • Bee pest — helps to normalize the outflow of blood and lymph. Eliminates the appeared vascular mesh, restoring the normal state of the vascular wall;
  • The seeds and fruits of chestnut – has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and pain medication effect, which is especially important in more advanced versions of varicose veins. Provides rapid disappearance of vascular mesh, etc.;
  • Goji berries — contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes.

"Bee saved" is available in pharmacological form of ointment (ointment) — it is necessary to apply on the affected varicose veins land, rubbing his light movements. The course of treatment is from 1 to 3 months, depending on the severity of the disorder process.

To achieve maximum efficiency in the treatment of varicose veins veins on the legs apply this tool it is necessary to 3-4 times a day, and combines with the help of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The use of honey in the treatment of varicose veins — on what should pay attention in the first place?

treatment of varicose veins

Honey — it is a well-known folk instrument, which allows you to easily get rid of many diseases, including varicose veins. In order to achieve positive dynamics in the treatment of this disease, it is necessary to think carefully about the combination of medicines, prepared with the help of the honey, and medicinal plant folk medicine.

It should be noted that in this situation, products based on honey can be used only as an auxiliary substance — they have an immediate effect on the state of the vascular wall and blood circulation, but perfectly contribute to the normalization of the flow of metabolic processes.

An example of a simple, but effective prescription

Best against varicose veins helps use alcohol tincture to honey. For its preparation will need the following ingredients:

  • Honey 200 g;
  • Medical alcohol, ethyl, 96% — 400 ml;
  • Bitter pepper — 5 g;

All of these components must be mixed thoroughly and leave for 3 days. Then enjoy together with the course of treatment, as determined by a doctor, in the course of 3 weeks, no less, 1 tbsp three times a day.

Be aware that honey when varicose veins cannot be used if the patient has an allergic reaction to bee products.

Bee sample against varicose veins — in which cases it is justified to use this tool?

Bee pattern — it is the calf dead bees, which are also used as a medicinal remedy. This confirms the fact that even after his death, the bee continues to bring benefit to man.

For the preparation of the drug, you will need to take the following ingredients:

  • Actually, the alone bee sample, 200-300 g;
  • Medical alcohol, ethyl, 96% — 400 ml;

The tincture will have to endure at least a week, we had a really high quality extract, that would help a significant clinical effect and would be applicable even in more advanced stages of varicose veins.

It is recommended this medication for external use — apply to the affected places (where there is visible blood vessels, spider veins), shining light massage movements. Treatment of varicose veins bee means is held not less than 2 months, many use — 3 times a day.

By the way, say, that for outdoor use it is recommended to use honey poultices, which are prepared from the tincture to the honey, the recipe of which is explained above, and the bee sample, combined in a ratio of 1: 1.

Cosmetic procedures in patients who suffer from varicose veins. Why it is not appropriate to conduct shugaring?

Regarding whether you can do shugaring with varicose veins and what there are contraindications. There is no doubt, every woman aspires to the beauty of her body and give up hair removal of the legs due to varicose veins no one will.

However, in this situation it will be necessary to take into account several restrictions, which is associated with a high likelihood of traumatization affected by the morbid process vessels:

  1. Allowed only laser hair removal, when of varicose veins (hair removal) and the removal of unwanted hair using a razor, just like all the other kinds of this treatments are very traumatic and can lead to numerous bleeding — in that case, if will be damaged varicose advanced container. Generally hair removal for varicose veins is not harmful, but if done sparing means.
  2. Shugaring carry out is not recommended in any case. Strong irritation, which is caused by downloading the the hair using wax or any other products, valid for this procedure, can lead to very undesirable consequences. Shugaring contraindications has a fairly hard because of how it looks like the recipe for the mixture, so it is better to refuse such procedures, the choice of the more frugal recipe or option.
  3. In the case of venous leg ulcers (these disorders are characteristic for the running forms of this pathology), hair removal with varicose veins impossible, remember that too great a risk of complications. The procedure is strictly prohibited — referred to status is a categorical contraindication to the use of not only the instrumental methods of hair removal but also laser hair removal.
treatment honey

Whatever it was, before you embark on any cosmetics procedure in the presence of varicose dilated veins, it is necessary to pre-consult with your attending physician. Only he can decide what you will do you can, and what is better to abstain.