Experience with the use of Varicobooster

This story shared with us by Amelia from the city of Mechelen (Belgium). A woman told about how with the help of the cream Varicobooster she managed to save yourself from surgical operations on the veins.

I want to tell you a story about how the cream Varicobooster he saved me from surgery.

How to launch my suffering

It all started with the fact that I am very frivolously belonged to his health. Pain in the legs after a day of work and a little swelling me not смущали. It seemed to me, that is the norm, because I'm constantly on my feet – why do they cheer in the evening? When I got to the doctor, I have been very strongly expressed veins on the legs. Outwardly, it was just awful (blue-red huge protruding veins), but the physical discomfort, which has improved, and there he stood with the aesthetic problem.

The first question put to me by the doctor: where were you earlier? Previously, I was busy all anything, but just not your health. The second question was about the genetic predisposition to the development of варикоза. Then the doctor is not bad: really, my mother, who all her life she worked as a teacher, who suffered from enlargement of the veins, which tried to treat all sorts of folk remedies. She used and coniferous bumps, and decoctions of herbs, and even apple cider vinegar and all over the operations.

I even couldn't think that inheritance is in this issue, plays at least some role, but in the end I was wrong. Negotiations on the predisposition, I'm so scared that I too will have to go under the surgeon's knife, that almost lost the gift of speech. The next question to my doctor was about my professional activities – is connected, whether a long stay in стоячем situation? I have more than 10 years she worked as a hair stylist, and of course, all the working time spent on the feet. Hearing about it, the doctor said: "I Hope to work you will not walk in heels?" Me to sweat бросило: I always wore shoes to stilettos, because it seemed to me, that's feminine and beautiful, yes, and legs so accustomed, is not a natural position, on a flat platform I couldn't walk. I remember, as if he came home and wear slippers, which I needed at least an hour to lie down, to step on the foot without pain.

Then surprised my irresponsibility the doctor asked about when they started the first signs of варикоза? And I remember, and it especially couldn't when I become tired legs, there were swelling and vascular сеточка. In general, I fell into a stupor, because he had no idea that these are all symptoms of problems with венами. I thought that the pain and the clearly expressed blue veins, and there are signs of a problem, and believed that it at me appeared after pregnancy. And it turns out that it was all with me for a very long time. My body tried desperately to get to me, but I was blind.

As a cream Varicobooster he saved me from surgery

Sitting on reception at the doctor, so I корила in his this is not for the attentive relation to each other, almost crying. The doctor tried to calm me, because a survey showed that varicose still in the running stage, and that getting rid of him is possible without the help of a surgical scalpel. Then the doctor offered me to take a vacation for a few weeks, buy a special underwear for the permanent compress and apply a cream Varicobooster. The specialist said that it is a very good balm, which is already one of his пациентку delivered and from having to perform operations to treat enlargement of the veins. I became experience just like the many creams, ointments and gels for me was quite a scary allergy, but the doctor calmed me down, because in this medium was completely natural composition, which almost no one does not cause the reaction.

I calmed down a bit, настроила yourself on a successful outcome and strictly following the instructions. I did not notice how fast my swelling began to disappear, his legs less he became tired, and rooting, and what is most important – the veins have ceased to have an awesome view. At the end of the course my legs were completely healthy, so the doctor allowed to return to professional activities, but i still decided to change the place of work, as it is no longer wanted to risk their health.

Experience with the use of the cream Varicobooster

Now my legs are perfectly fine and I can without problems wear open things, and even after long walks with the baby is not feeling pain and fatigue, and swelling of even remembering them. Maybe that helps someone my story, and I'll be unspeakably happy if someone also avoid surgery and will be able to cure varicose veins with the help of a cream Varicobooster.