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  • Daniela
    During pregnancy at me have become отекать legs, then I tire quickly, and make the pain go away, he needed a long vacation. I thought it's from a high load on the spine. But when she noticed, the vascular drawing on his feet, running she ran to the doctor. It turns out that I am very timely appealed. The doctor prescribed me a cream varicobooster. I went through the whole course of treatment, and pregnancy I got no problems with венами. Now we with the daughter for hours гуляем with a stroller, and problems with венами did not appear. So all I recommend this cream!
  • Verena
    I work as a cook in the school cafeteria, so I spend on my feet practically the whole time. When he came home, my feet hurt terribly, and when on his feet appeared a vein, then I hid this defect is under the clothes. But the problem is that renewed, so I had to turn to a specialist. After examination the doctor recommended corrective underwear and cream varicobooster. I hadn't even thought of work you can come up without the pain in the legs, swelling gone, too, but that was all from варикоза. Now veins almost not visible, and the legs almost never hurt.
  • Manfred
    I work as a driver of a freight car at long distance, so that the whole life is spent behind the wheel. This сидячая work has had a problem with венами. Doctors come to me once, and so he asked his wife to find out that I'm an effective means. I started using the cream Varicobooster and immediately noticed the result. Now the problem is gone, but just in case, that during the flight I always take this medicine with you.
  • Sabine
    It would seem to work in the office, it only benefits the feet, because most of the time I just sat. But the lack of movement leads to disruption of blood circulation and causes varicose veins. I watch the blue image on the feet, I turned to the doctor. He prescribed me a cream varicobooster and recommended to try during the working day to put at least some physical activity of the legs. I соблюдала all the recommendations, and for over a month and a half my leg was returned to a healthy condition.
  • Natascha
    I once complained to colleagues at lunch, after work my feet hurt and severely swollen, so one is a member of the gave me cream varicobooster and claimed that the problem will go away quickly. For me was to see the vascular сеточки on his feet, but even so, I decided to give it a try. I use a means only 10 days and has already managed to experience the difference. During the day I like to fly on the wings because the legs almost do not get tired, and the pain after the working day I practically don't mind.
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