Treatment of varicose veins on the legs

Varicose veins on the legs

The expansion of the veins of the lower limbs exposed to both women and men. There are various methods of treatment of varicose veins on the legs — conservative, surgical, helena folk. Get rid of the problem it is necessary in the initial stages of the formation of a defective process.

Varicose appear under the influence of interruption of the work of the valve apparatus veins. The randomness of blood flow causes stagnation, stretching the vein and subsequent symptomatic manifestations: a feeling of heaviness in the lower extremities, pain syndrome, cramps in the night.

Education the first symptoms requires diagnostic survey and determine the right options to cure the disease. The type of therapy depends on the neglect of the process and the overall state of the organism.


Be treated only by folk and homemade methods is inadmissible — without professional help, the disease quickly sees to complications, up to the necessary amputation of the lower limbs.

Conservative methods

Initial stage of varicose veins allow you to treat the pathology in helping local means — gels, creams and ointments. They are intended for the domestic methods of treatment of the disease. Products are applied on the affected area of the veins of the lower extremities twice a day. Drug funds are divided in independent sub-groups:

  • With anticoagulant — they help get rid of stagnant phenomena in the veins, they have the solution to impact.
  • With natural part of the composition — in the funds is included horse chestnut, shrub butcher, clover officinalis. With their help, to get rid of your pain syndrome and the fatigue of the lower limbs while wearing the baby, which strengthen the walls of veins.
  • Anti-inflammatory non — steroidal agents- enable you to get rid of formed thrombosis and thrombophlebitis in men and women.
  • With the hormonal composition of — funds have antihistamines, anti-inflammatory extent of exposure.

Treat comprehensively varicose enlargement of the veins of the lower extremities can be treatment therapy. Basic tools — solutions for injection, pills and capsules. To get the desired result, and treat the disease in men and women it is possible to use:

  • Phlebotonics — treatment involves enhancing blood circulation, improving the tone of the venous walls in the lower extremities.
  • Krovanistaya funds — will allow you to get rid of formed blood clots, reduce the density of the blood, improve the movement of the biological fluid in the veins. Cure is possible only in the order of the local doctor.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs — help get rid of the pain syndrome, reduce swelling of tissues, Compression underwearreduce the indicators of platelet aggregation. Heal under the constant supervision of medical staff.

Men are less prone to varicose veins of the lower extremities than the women. Function is associated with hormonal changes in the body women in the period of bearing a child, during menopause.

Suitable methods for the treatment of disease is considered to be the wearing of compression underwear.

Stockings, stockings helena tights help to get rid of the swelling, soreness and fatigue of the lower limbs in the household. The pressure faced by the luxury lingerie, the influence of the damaged vein, which delivers the necessary when the disease outcome. Manufacturers produce many models that can be used in the therapy of varicose how in women as in men.

Modern methods of bezoperatsionnye

Methods and means of action on the varicose veins, over time, have become easier and in most cases undergo an outpatient, in a home environment. When the need for surgery, hospitalization lasts a few days, what prevents the patient to quickly return to the usual for him lifestyle.


In the course of handling in vienna introduced a specialized product — sclerosant, which holds it together on the inside. After some time, the issue of the vienna disappears, blood flow is redistributed to the healthy blood vessels.

In the course of one procedure can be used four injections and medications. The number of sessions is determined by the degree of growths the vascular network of the lower limbs. After handling on the leg to wear compression underwear. Patients should walk for the next five hours. Features allow you to exclude the likelihood of developing blood clots in the deep lying veins. Compression is necessary in the course of the following calendar month.

Treat yourself to a pathology — it means to get rid of varicose, to stabilize the blood flow, to stop the painful sensations, cramping, and rapid onset of fatigue. Incurred by the pigmented spots on the go therapy, with time, spontaneously disappear.

The method provides long-lasting therapeutic effect. In successful therapy — lifelong result. In approximately 25% of patients varicose defies a complete cure. Sclerotherapy suppresses basic symptomatic signs of the disease, but it doesn't completely cure the problem.

Treatment methods prohibited for use in the following values:

  • at high sensitivity to the sclerosant;
  • at the time of therapy, anti-inflammatory and hormonal means;
  • at various degrees of obesity;
  • purulent-inflammatory diseases of the skin helena neglected during cellulite on the lower extremities;
  • during pregnancy and thrombophlebitis.
The introduction of sclerosant during sclerotherapy

Positive is the possibility to treat with sclerosant without surgery is:

  • the absence of the need for hospitalization, with preservation of normal for the patient's lifestyle;
  • obtain the treatment result immediately after the operation, without the formation of scars;
  • treatment with minimal discomfort;
  • options, how to get rid of varicose simultaneously on several veins.

The negative side of the therapy is characterized by the inability to obtain the lifetime of the result — maximum effect in men and women is achieved when removing the original source of the disease. The problem raises the continuous wearing of compression underwear, with the removal only for a period, hygienic handling.

Radiofrequency coagulation (ablation) of varicose vein (RCHK, RFA)

The method of coagulation of varicose veins RF waves practiced in the country of recent times. Therapy applied to large veins — through the defect in the dermis is introduced a special catheter, saarevali their inner side. The result is measured using sensors placed on the technique of manipulation.

Therapeutic advantage of this method is represented by:

  • minimal discomfort;
  • the short maturity of the operation;
  • short rehabilitation period;
  • the absence of scars and scars;
  • a low percentage of potential relapse of the disease — no more than 10%.

On the shortcomings of the RFA include: burns, skin sheets, thrombosis, blisters and the formation of inguinal reflux.

The postoperative period has its own requirements:

  • A compression stocking is used in the first forty minutes after surgery. All that time the patient has to walk to prevent blood clots. Further specialized underwear is worn for two weeks from the binding walks the walk for one hour a day.
  • Ill advised not to heavy lifting, sports, movement on the bike, exercises on simulators, a longer stay in the upright position. Under the ban falls a visit to a spa, a steam bath, saunas — each impact of high temperatures on the problem of the lower limbs.
  • A few days after the surgery is performed by scanning the veins ultrasound — to confirm this result.

Laser treatment

The impact of the beam on varicose also seal the problem vein. The method does not require surgical incisions: through a puncture in vienna introducing a special thread. Another spasm of blood vessels overrides the problem areas, vienna is excluded from the circulatory system, and gradually replaced by the interconnection materials.

The level of influence of evlt there higher than at therapy sclerosant, that will allow you to get the final result, straight surgery to remove the veins.

The healing process is declared less traumatic and safe, which allows you to get rid of varicose of the lower limbs.

The operation takes about half an hour, the recovery period lasts more than four hours. The application of local anesthesia allows the designation of methods to patients for which other options are disabled. After the surgery the patient himself is leaving the clinic and ready to get back to the workplace.

The positive aspects of the therapeutic laser include:

  • the lack of cuts — the result is an excellent cosmetic effect;
  • the minimum operation time — in challenging variations of manipulation takes more than one hour;
  • accelerated post-operative period — the operation does not require a hospital, work activity do not suffer from;
  • the method is carried out under the control of the ultrasound device, which increases the quality of treatment, reduces the likelihood of post-operative complications;
  • Laser treatment
  • after surgery missing a hematoma.

The disadvantages of the method include:

  • the price for the surgery;
  • large diameters of the damaged veins require surgical incisions;
  • large veins may in time recover and go back into the general blood circulation.

Surgical treatment

Varicose deeply located veins requires radical surgery — phlebectomy. Removal is carried out in the absence of the skin suppuration of the skin, rashes helena wound surfaces. The operation takes about two hours. After her on the dermis remain small scars — to five millimeters.

The method is recommended when the following testimony:

  • when venous lesions of the skin of the lower extremities;
  • pathological enlargement of the veins;
  • extensive varicose slaughter;
  • when the problems with the free movement of blood in the veins.

To cure the anomaly of a radical way, manage to many patients, but the remaining scars and long-lasting post-operative time attributed to the procedure to last from the list of preferences.

Treatment at home

Folk methods of domestic destinations of varicose veins of the lower limbs include the means of local and domestic use. Treat in home conditions, you can:

  • The flowers of horse chestnut — 50 grams of vegetable raw pour half a liter of alcohol, insist two weeks. Every day it is necessary to thoroughly shake capacity. After 14 days of infusion filters out and used on spoon, three times a day before taking food. Treat the disease can week, then followed by a break for 14 days. After a rest cure of the disease can be again.
  • Dried nettle — chopped dry raw material consisting of leaves of the plant, brewed in a thermos half a liter of freshly boiled water. Lasts half an hour, strain and take on a third cup three times a day, an hour after a meal.
  • Green tomatoes — finely chopped fruit are built on the dressing material and put them on the seats varicose top to correct a medical bandage. Holding a compress on the lower extremities is not more than two hours, then change it to new. Daily home use of the three manipulations. The method allows to treat every day, without rest breaks.
  • Walnuts — the unripe fruits of the earth, often lay in a glass dish, pour in the olive oil. Drugs insist on the sun for forty days. The finished tincture lubricate the problem areas of the lower extremities. The length of treatment depends on the speed, how to get rid of the main clinical manifestations of the disease.


People's ways to help treat the lower limbs and get rid of varicose only at the first signs of the disease.

Before and after treatment

Before and after treatment


Therapy domestic, folk medicine remedies and surgery can cure the disease, improve the condition of the lower limbs, free from pain syndrome of rapidly progressing fatigue, cramps and problems with the free motion foot.

Unsightly blue swollen veins will disappear with the foot. This will allow the dress to everyone and not just sealed things. After operations, the folk and the drug methods of the patient experiencing relief and full deliverance from the problem will come to an end of the second week.


To speed up treatment should use compression knitted underwear, which is selected by the attending physician, on the perezagruzite feet and give them a small load in the form of evening walks.

Domestic methods of the affected limb may treat men and women, regardless of age. Experts recommend that at the first appearance of the vascular network to seek professional help — in time were captured of the disease allows to dispense with radical surgical operations.

Treat varicose only folk methods at home is impossible — should be included in a comprehensive therapy and in combination with the means of official medicine. There is no need to be afraid of minimally invasive helena radical operations — all are aimed at improving the health status, prevention of complications.

The maximum information about the possibilities of therapy, the percentage of the success rate and duration of the postoperative period will give the district phlebologist. The doctor is based on data conducted a diagnostic survey, a response of the organism to therapy. Catch up to treat the time give you the opportunity to cure the problem of folk, local resources, helena minimally invasive operation. Diseases with a severe procedure for men and women means excision of the affected varicose veins veins.