5 unique uses of apple cider vinegar for varicose veins

To remove varicose veins, you can resort to drugs, surgery and the use of folk remedies. In particular, the use of apple cider vinegar is recommended, due to which it is possible to speed up the healing process.

We will tell you how apple cider vinegar works on varicose veins and how to use the product to normalize the condition of the veins? In the arsenal of traditional medicine there are sufficient funds, both for internal and external use.

Benefit and harm

The product has a large number of useful properties, because it is not for nothing that doctors recommend it for treatment.

It contains:

  • vitamins (A, C, groups B, P);
  • minerals (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper and others);
  • organic acids (citric, lactic, oxalic, acetic, malic).

100 g of the product contains only 18 kcal, while this figure may increase slightly depending on the variety of apple.

The action of the remedy is:

  • skin lightening;
  • elimination of puffiness;
  • strengthen the venous walls;
  • elimination of painful discomfort;
  • lower blood viscosity;
  • prevention of convulsive phenomena.

The sooner you start using vinegar the better it will work, but you should take it regularly for at least 1 month. A quick effect should not be expected, since the product is only an addition to the main course.

apple cider vinegar for varicose veins

Apple therapy will only be effective if used regularly.

The advantages and disadvantages of apple cider vinegar directly depend on the correct use of the product, compliance with dosages and the absence of contraindications.

Therefore, the following points should be remembered:

  1. Due to the influence of acid, burns and erosion of the mucous membranes can occur.
  2. Excessive consumption of acetic acid can remove potassium and cause bone demineralization.
  3. The drug lowers the glucose content, and when taking diabetes medication, the sugar can drop to a critical level.
  4. A highly concentrated product has a negative effect on tooth enamel. To avoid this, the bite should be well diluted with water and drunk with a straw.

It is also important to consider: only an authentic product will be effective without various colors, flavors and preservatives.


Apple cider vinegar for varicose veins on the legs requires a competent approach to use, therefore, before using the product, it should be diluted with water. However, even in this form, it can cause unwanted reactions.

The fermentation product of apple juice should not be consumed orally if:

  • gastritis with high acidity;
  • gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer;
  • hepatic and renal pathologies;
  • severe thrombophlebitis;
  • advanced atherosclerosis.

Outdoor use also has its limits.

Vinegar is contraindicated in patients with:

  • eczema;
  • psoriasis;
  • scratches, sores, ulcers on the surface of the skin.

Some have increased skin sensitivity in the lower limbs. However, the use of the tool is quite acceptable in this case.

If certain reactions occur to the acid, the vinegar will need to be diluted even more. As a last resort, you should pay attention to safer methods of therapy.

How to use apple cider vinegar for varicose veins on the legs

Varicose veins are best treated with homemade apple cider vinegar. If an apple product for varicose veins is consumed internally, then substances that have a positive effect on the walls of blood vessels, increasing their elasticity, enter the body. When used externally, the ingredients in vinegar are irritating, improve blood circulation, and promote healing.


Apple cider vinegar for varicose veins on the legs can be used as a drink, the recipe of which is given below:

  • vinegar (1, 5-2 tbsp. l. ) should be diluted with chilled boiled water (250 ml);
  • the drink is consumed throughout the day in 3-4 approaches;
  • the addition of jam, honey or sugar is allowed.

Long-term use of vinegar strengthens the veins, cleanses the body of toxins, improves metabolism and normalizes digestive processes. If heartburn or other discomfort starts to bother you, you should stop taking the drink.

External use

In the morning and before going to bed, it is useful to sprinkle with apple cider vinegar, and you do not need to dilute it with water and dry it with a towel after the procedure. In addition, the product can be rubbed on the affected areas twice a day with light massaging movements.

The use of the product will be more effective if you use apple cider vinegar after the water treatments, it is not necessary to rinse it at the end of the session.

Another effective recipe: lubricate each vein with a cotton swab dipped in concentrated vinegar. Manipulations are carried out before bedtime.


This method of treatment differs from compresses in that it does not involve the use of polyethylene.

The procedure is as follows:

  • the fabric is well moistened in vinegar and applied to the affected areas;
  • the duration of the session is 30 to 40 minutes.

It is recommended to perform 3-4 procedures per week, one per day.

apple cider vinegar foot bath for varicose veins

For sensitive and itchy skin, apple cider vinegar can be diluted with water and then applied topically.


To alleviate the symptoms of the disease, which can worsen at the end of the day, doctors recommend using therapeutic compresses:

  • the bandage is rolled into 3-4 layers and moistened in vinegar;
  • placing it on areas with veins affected by varicose veins, you need to use polyethylene and a towel;
  • it is advisable to lie down during the procedure and place your legs on a small elevation.

Treating varicose veins in the legs requires careful handling of apple cider vinegar. Before the session, it must be diluted in equal proportions with water. If you experience dryness and itching, a moisturizer is handy.

Thermal baths

How to use apple cider vinegar for baths:

  • the container is filled with water (5 l), after which vinegar (1/4 cup) is poured into it;
  • to enhance the healing effect, the addition of sea salt, as well as juniper, cypress or mint oils, is allowed.

The duration of the session is 20-25 minutes. You can do 4 to 5 procedures per week. The baths have an anti-inflammatory and tonic effect.

Folk recipes

Often experts recommend combating varicose veins with a product from the beehive or vinegar obtained from grapes. The only condition is the absence of contraindications.

Honey vinegar

If you add honey to the drink, it will be further enriched with useful elements. As a result, it will be easier for the body to fight the insidious disease. As already mentioned, it is advisable to use homemade vinegar during the treatment.

The recipe for the drink is quite simple:

  • mixed apple vinegar (1 tbsp. l. ), honey (1-2 teaspoons) and boiled water in chilled form (1 glass);
  • consumed before meals in a quarter glass.

The effect of drinking alcohol will increase if the water is replaced with a decoction of chamomile, rose hips or mint.

Grape vinegar for varicose veins

Does the fermentation product of grape juice help cure the manifestations of varicose veins? Doctors say that the product does not contain less useful elements and has a sufficient amount of valuable properties. The main thing to remember is that due to the greater strength of grape vinegar, its dosage is reduced.

Use during pregnancy

Is apple cider vinegar associated with pregnancy, and how to remove varicose veins in a pregnant woman?

When asking the attending physician how to cure the pathology or how to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, the pregnant woman expects to hear recommendations on how to remove varicose veins without fearing for the health of the child.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the remedies that can be used in the position.

It not only helps to cope with manifestations of toxicosis and heartburn, but also weakens the severity of varicose veins. Every woman who has used this product notices positive changes in the condition of the blood vessels.

The tool is used as a drink, as well as for:

  • wraps;
  • friction;
  • rinsing.

In order to prevent side effects, vinegar treatment should be agreed with a doctor.


Many patients approve of the use of apple cider vinegar for varicose veins. As the treatment progresses, they notice a decrease in the venous network, an improvement in blood circulation and the disappearance of pain.

Negative reviews are often related to the high cost of the product, the specific smell, and allergic reactions when the product is used externally.

Treatments using apple cider vinegar are an additional method of getting rid of the pathology. To achieve positive results, treatment must be regular and long-term, and you must not allow significant progression of the disease.