Treatment of varicose veins on the legs in men

Varicose veins on the legs, in men often ignore. Get sick can young men and younger. According to statistics, every 4th. a man over 40 years of age suffer from diseases of the veins.

The trouble is, that men all the weight and pain in the legs disease is not considered, up to the last. Turn to your doctor when starting varicose veins on the legs already after the first or second stage. In a man's life is a special burden falls on the lower limbs. In them the blood from the subcutaneous veins enters into the deep vein and venous system, with many of the shoulders is directed to the heart.

Process is disturbed, the venous valves, which should ensure proper blood flow in the legs, are weak. Begins to reverse the outflow of blood and increases the pressure on the walls of blood vessels, the veins dilate and starts varicose veins. In the result of vascular asterisks and the ugly blue nodes on the legs.

Suffering from illness the men, the women, according to statistics, men less. Often you can come across on the disease with large венами on the lower extremities, changes in blood vessels of the legs, the genital organs, especially the testes and паховую area — all these are varicose veins in men. The reasons for the development of варикоза a large amount. Factors:

  1. Malfunctions and defects in the hormonal system.
  2. The load on the body.
  3. Overweight.

Often at the beginning of the disease just fine vascular asterisks. They may appear large varicose nodes, the sick complain of pain and cramps in the calf muscles, fatigue of the legs, discomfort. Complaints appear in the evening, after a day of work. The disease is constantly progressing. Complication of neglected varicose veins is very hard.

The pressure in the veins may be high surrounding tissue stop снабжаться oxygen and nutrients. Clinically it is manifested by darkening and sealing the skin, the emergence of eczema, severe itching. Complications of the disease – трофическая ulcer, represents a long will not treat a piece of leather.

The beginning of varicose hard to miss. First, the development of many diseases troubling cosmetic defect. Furthermore, disease risk carries blood vessels, in the result, we have a heart attack or stroke. The longer you put off treatment, and not to turn to the experts, the more expensive it will become the treatment of the disease.

Varicose veins in men need to begin to heal immediately. The main thing is that the disease has progressed. If халатно take to treat and to postpone it will lead to stagnation phenomena and the formation of blood clots, then to great complications and the occurrence of thrombophlebitis. On the skin in places the swelling of the veins may occur not the treatment of ulcers. Men later, seek medical help, and the trigger during the illness.

Men cosmetic factor one less, unlike the beautiful half and push the veins do not attach due attention. But, as already mentioned, varicose veins can affect and groin.

Testes – gonads in males, fulfils two important functions, the production of testosterone, the main male sex hormone and performs the function of spermatogenesis. In other words fulfils the educational function of the sperm. The testicles are the authority in men, which is carried out. Varicose veins between the legs in men — what to do, how to cure, so as to go on operation.


The Greek word has 2 root and in translation means extended vienna and новообразование. The disease occurs frequently, may suffer from a boy in adolescence. World medicine uses surgical practice for the treatment of the disease is very rare, with the exception of cases, when it is present pain a symptom, or set on the fact недоразвития testicles. Diagnose the presence of disease, such as varicose veins of the testicles is possible using modern ultrasound equipment. Using ultrasound to manage to not only detect presence, but to establish the cause of the occurrence. Often kidney tumor is the cause of варикоза testicles. Tumor сдавливает vienna in the kidneys occur and prevents кровотоку into a vein of the testicles, which are associated with венами kidney.

The causes and consequences of

As a result, the blood stagnates and begins to develop varicose veins of the testicles. The reason for treatment to a medical facility for advice, may be an increase in the scrotum in size. May occur due to varicose increase in the veins and seed канатика. The varicose veins may become an acute painful.

It is associated with the development of thrombosis or due to rupture of the refined dilated veins, that is the reason for surgical intervention.

Due to a broken outflow of blood, the pressure rises in the veins, which again serves the reason is not significant enough to increase the temperature in the scrotum. In the result of the men's gland pere bask and produced by the sperm lose the ability to fertilization.
Symptoms варикоза on the testes

In the initial stage of варикоза on the testes takes place hidden and provide a diagnosis without being an expert, it is very difficult. In the early stage of the disease takes place covertly, in anything myself showing. The initial stage of the doctors referred to as latent. To identify the disease is only possible by ultrasonic method.

Just with time can be observed a slight, barely noticeable thickening of the vein, if the patient will be in a standing position. In lying position the thickening is almost unnoticeable. Therefore, to discover varicose veins on the testes in the early stages, without the use of ultrasound examination without a sample of Valsalvas, practically not possible.


You need to realize and accept that the body to cope with this disease is not able to, but today medicine is successfully applied in practice the following therapies:


The first method is sclerotherapy, which consists in introducing into a vein a special drug sclerosant. It is able to зарастание the height of the container. Manipulation is performed under local anesthesia and is almost painless. After the patient goes home.


The second method прессотерапия, which consists in the implementation of special hardware of massage and the wearing of special компрессионного laundry.

Treatment treatment

The third method of pharmacological treatment, with the help of which achieve the improvement of microcirculation of blood and improve the overall condition of inflammation of the vascular walls.


The fourth method of embolization, which consists in introducing into the vein through a catheter embolization spirals. The spiral, in turn, blocks the flow of blood. Feature of this method is to perform all the manipulations on the body of the patients without a single incision, the lack of post-operative scars on the body and a smaller number of relapses.

Iud is introduced to the metal surface of the body гибкому the self-proclaimed, brought to vienna the thigh through a defect on the right side. Then into the inferior vena and left почечную vienna. Embolization is performed under local anesthesia.

The fifth method of the surgical procedure. Cannot replace all of the previous methods and is applied primarily in changing the consistency of the testicle, while reducing its size, male infertility and pain symptoms in the scrotum during increased physical exertion. To exist today and with success used in the practice of more than 100 methods of surgical treatment.

fascia elastica

After examination, the doctor depending on the condition of the patient, takes what method to use in a particular case. Some of the ways, as they have strict restrictions on use by those patients who are detected a serious chronic disease.


On what method the doctor stopped his choice, he cannot avoid manipulation such as ligation of the veins of the testicles, with the aim of blood flow changes. After a period of operation lasts a long time, completely excluded large blood loss, duration of rehabilitation and the danger of infectious disease.

Recently widely, and it is widely used for the treatment of varicose veins by the method of intra-vascular laser coagulation. Into a vein a special light pipe and the inside vienna запаять. Over 2 hours after the surgery, the patient's own legs leaving home.

Compression underwear for men

Wear компрессионного linen is one of the ways of conservative treatment. Can be used as a necessity to the ongoing surgical treatment. Compression underwear сдавливает veins in certain places, forcing blood move is not the superficial veins, and deep, thereby reducing swelling, the disappearing feeling of heaviness in the legs.

Compression underwear is made in such a way that it обжимает limbs. He has a great degree of flexibility and efficiency of structural elements, is made so that at the bottom is denser and обжимает legs stronger, and in the upper part of the thinner and the pressure decreases. As a result the valves come together and the blood starts to quickly go away. The patient experiences relief, reduces swelling and lack of heaviness in the limbs.

Medical underwear, especially the stockings, are chosen according to the circumference of the legs. Himself to receive the knitted fabric is not recommended, because изготавливаемое underwear has different degrees of compression. If you are buying underwear, which has weakened the degree of compression, it's useless.

And on the contrary, when properly matched compression and linen will be strongly пережимать feet, there is a risk of significantly damaging the health.

Apply with varicose veins, usually of linen from 1 to 3, the degree of compression. In the form of production may vary. Stockings, tights and knee socks. Wear the underwear, it is necessary to expend considerable effort. When choosing to measure several diameters and length, make a plan of disappearing to the top of the compression was very even.

Without a physician's prescription can be purchased on linen, 1 class for preventive goals. Use underwear can completely healthy people, but which in the course of the day, due to circumstances, are experiencing significant load. The pressure of the knitted fabric, it is appropriate to dress in the morning, until the missing swelling of the legs, and shoot in the evening in the home environment.

Use of this knitted fabric is suitable to the people whose profession is associated with the static load. These include hairdressers, salespeople, teachers, doctors. Often knitted used by athletes during excessive physical exertion.

If it's all to prevent, and if варикоза vein is already present, cure it using компрессионного laundry impossible. Lingerie not only improves the quality and reduces the percentage of possible complications when to perform the operation. Reduces the feeling of heavy legs and swelling.

Knitted goods is to be applied in the postoperative period. There is a special госпитальный knitted fabric. When buying компрессионного knitted fabric it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the products obtained.


Prevention варикоза simple and accessible. It is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, go for a walk, swim, maintain a stable weight, wear comfortable shoes, preferably with orthopedic insoles, do not smoke. It is necessary to sensibly rotate the physical load. If you have lead a sedentary way of life, or burdening an excessive load, it will do harm to health.

In both cases, there is the risk of getting sick варикозно veins. Harmful to sit in the pose of a favorite of all men, foot for foot. It is desirable to keep the muscles in tone, take a contrast shower, do not abuse the bath and sauna, eat right and risk of breast варикозно the feet of men will be reduced to zero.