Prevention of varicose veins: how to do it right, indications and forecast

Varicose veins can be exposed not only to the veins on the legs – similar changes are possible in the veins:

  • the esophagus and the stomach;
  • pelvic in women;
  • the left seed of the cord and testes in men.

But the reasons for the development of all these types of varicose veins completely different. Therefore, prevention is fundamentally different.

In this article are only listed activity, prevent the most common type of varicose veins – the defeat of the lower extremities. In addition, it occupies 70% in the overall structure of of occurrence, only its prevention is really effective.

A comprehensive approach to prevent the development of varicose disease of the legs includes:

  • Decide whether it is prophylaxis – indications
  • Pay attention to the shoes
  • Select the correct work
  • Be active, but remember about the holiday
  • Normalize weight and eat properly
  • Say "no" to harmful habits
  • Do not be lazy to do the unloading gymnastics
  • Do discharge of a foot massage
  • Wear a compressive knitted fabric
  • Sometimes need medication
  • View in the prevention of

Prevention of any disease, including varicose veins veins on foot, is not easier in comparison with treatment. But if you practice it correctly and in its entirety, can even prevent development of the disease or prevent the serious consequences.

Just stubborn work on yourself can give you the maximum effect. In particular, this rule is especially true for people with a high risk of developing varicose veins veins on the legs. Prevention of this disease should become for them an integral part of lifestyle, a kind of daily pleasant habit. After all, in fact, nothing complicated in it.

In all matters relating to the prevention of varicose disease of the lower extremities, please contact the vascular surgeon or phlebologist.

Decide whether it is prophylaxis – indications


The main risk group for the development of varicose veins veins on the legs, you need in the specific prevention, it's like with people:

  • Have a genetic predisposition – close relatives with this pathology.
  • Women, sick dishormonal disorders of ovarian.
  • Pregnant and gave birth.
  • Persons associated with heavy physical work, to work staying in a fixed standing or sitting (function, occupation, and sedentary lifestyle).
  • Lovers to walk in high heels, take a hot bath, sauna, spicy food and alcoholic beverages.
  • Persons with the presence of the characteristic ˮvenarumˮ complaints: swelling of the legs in the ankles towards the evening, cramps and pain in the calf muscles, heaviness of the legs, reinforced venous drawing, the vascular mesh.

The main risk factors for varicose disease – a hereditary disposition, pregnancy and dishormonal disorders in women. All other assumptions themselves are not able to cause disease, but stratification on the base, accelerate its emergence and the weight of time.

Pay attention to the shoes

The question of selecting the right shoes to a greater extent is true for women, but for men it is also relevant. The optimum is considered to be such shoes:

  • convenient and comfortable (not pressed, the foot and lower leg, but not too loose);
  • must not be high thin heels – preferably 4-5 cm;
  • use shoe insoles-arch supports;
  • it's not worth it to constantly walk in the shoes on a flat sole.

Select the correct work

The question of changing jobs is not always easy to decide, even if it's about health. But if there is risk of developing varicose veins veins on the legs is too large or there appeared the first symptoms of the disease, it is better to stick to the following precautionary recommendations:

  • Eliminate or minimize the hard work associated with physical stress on the abdominal wall and lower extremities.
  • Not a lot of time constantly (more than 2-3 hours) to perform in a fixed standing or sitting position.
  • Contraindicated courses heavy weight lifting and other strength.

The basic rule – the working conditions should be such that blood in the legs does not stagnate and not according to the excess pressure on the walls of the veins. Most venous stagnation expressed, when the legs are in an upright position, legs down, and the muscles of the lower extremities static (when a person stands or sits in one position).

Be active, but remember about the holiday


Physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle) – contributes to the development of varicose disease of the veins of the lower extremities. Therefore, it is with her need to fight:

  • do morning exercises;
  • don't be lazy to walk – walk in the fresh air;
  • engage in physical education or sport-related exercises for the lower limbs and feet (walking, running, swimming, cycling, aerobics).

But the reworking is not worth it. Don't forget about the holiday – sleep about 8 hours a day, alternate periods of activity with periods of rest. The muscles on the back side of the lower limbs play the role of a pump that drives the blood in the veins in the direction opposite to the force of gravity (from bottom to top). The burden you are experiencing, is very large. To cope with it can only the muscles that restore the energy reserves after a busy day.

Normalize weight and eat properly

The lower extremities of people who are obese, have an increased load. Therefore, the reduction of body weight – it is the prevention of varicose veins, as it reduces the daily stress veins on the legs. For this you can use a variety of methods, but it is necessary to stick to these dietary recommendations:

  • Limit the fatty foods of animal origin (pork, duck, fatty sour cream, eggs) and digestible carbohydrates (muffin, white bread, buns, cakes, pies).
  • Discard the spices and spicy foods.
  • Eat adequate amounts of fluids and minimize salt.
  • To enrich the diet of plant foods: vegetables, fruit, oils (flaxseed, olive, sunflower).

Say "no" to harmful habits

The most common harmful habits – Smoking and alcohol abuse – itself is not the cause of varicose veins veins, but in combination with other provoking factors, which contribute to its emergence and progression. So people from the risk group, must give them up. Do it yourself, is easy. If necessary, seek help from a doctor-expert in narcology.

Do not be lazy to do the unloading gymnastics

Any activity people who have the potential for varicose veins on the legs, must be combined with periods of unloading. All you need to do – 5-10 minutes to devote to the implementation of the simple exercises for the feet at least 1-2 times during the working day and I'm sure the evening after its completion. For him to need a separate cabinet, or special conditions.

Most of the exercises clearance of goods of gymnastics it is possible to perform directly in the workplace:

  • In the sitting position, perform 10-20 flexor et extensor movements alternating between each leg, so that the muscles of the posterior group of the lower leg maximum decreased and relaxation.
  • If you are a long time sitting, get up and walk around, preferably up the stairs. You can walk even on flat terrain, simulates walking up stairs – meet step, a step with the heels on the socks, to the muscles of the lower extremities a well sunk and relaxation.
  • In a standing position stand with your fingers, to linger in that position for a few seconds and come down on the heels. Perform these steps first with both feet at the same time (several times), and then alternately each leg, so that when the true comes out at the tip, left standing on the heel, and vice versa.
  • If possible, sit or lie down and place the feet on a foothold, to lend to the position above the pelvis (e.g., failed feet on the back of a chair, on the table, on the wall).

Unloading of gymnastics, designed for the prevention of varicose veins on the legs are really basic and efficient. Everything you need – it is not lazy to do these exercises.

Do discharge of a foot massage

Treatment of varicose veins

Sense haurientes massage for the feet – improving the flow of blood into the superficial and deep veins. Do it for yourself, at least in the evening after the day's work, and, if possible, and on his course.

Basic tricks haurientes self-massage:

  • Sit down, put your feet sole is the surface on which you are sitting, that it was slightly bent in the knee joint (less than 90).
  • Friction movements to massage your skin and muscles in the direction from the toes to the gene iuncturam throughout the circuit.
  • Grasp the foot with both hands so that the big fingers were placed on the back, and all the rest – on the plantar surface.
  • Squeeze the home segment, which is wrapped around the fingers, and gradually move them up, on the go shin to the gene iuncturam. In the transition to a new section of continuously squeeze it for a few seconds, then release your hands and move above.
  • Understand fingers brush the side surfaces of the heel. Squeeze the tissue of the fingers for a few seconds, relax your fingers, move them up on the sides of the Achilles tendon and calf muscle towards the tribe.
  • Stroke the shins with both hands in the direction from the bottom up.

The total duration of haurientes self-massage is about 10 minutes. After it is advisable to conduct a exercise ˮbirchˮ (for 3-5 minutes, place your feet maximum high and better an upright heel to top).

Wear a compressive knitted fabric

Special products from the compression of the knits are best to strengthen weakened or varicose changed veins of the legs, and also do not permit their expansion. This method of prevention, the better he behaves, the more often you use individually selected compression Jersey. Wear it every day, before you get up from bed after sleeping. At the end of the working day, when there is a load on the legs will be less products need to be removed.

What to look for when choosing a compression of the knitted fabric:

  • It should be comfortable for everyday use. Modern products meet all the requirements – they are thin (according to the type of nylon tights), evenly and well squeezing the fabric, elegant appearance and durable. It is better to get the knitted goods of such type, than the usual elastic bandages or crassus knitted fabric.
  • Select the right product. It may be tights, stockings and knee socks.
  • Please note on degree of compression – the force with which it is knitted fabric compresses the tissue. For prevention you can use the special preventive knitted goods (non-zero degree of compression) or treatment, but only the first compression class.

Sometimes need medication


Treatment prevention varicose veins shows the persons of the group of high risk (which has a lot of assumptions to the expansion of veins on the legs), or has the characteristic of "venous manifestations" (which is described in the section "Decide whether there is a prophylaxis – indications").

Remember: ointments and gels have a rapid, but short-term effect, while tablets are starting to act slow, but long lasting. And so the local medicine can be used every day, and drugs for internal use is in the form of preventive courses of 2 times a year, lasting about a month.

View in the prevention of

In the table reflected the prediction of the possible effectiveness of preventing the development of varicose veins veins on the legs, with regard to the risk of developing the disease.

A predisposition to varicose veins The percentage of sick, if prevention is complete That will without fulfilling the prevention of
Low Less than 5% – light varices Sicken 95%: light forms – 45%, moderate – 50%
Reasonable Of these, 30% lighter form – 20%, average severity – 10% Sicken 99%: the average severity – 65%, a significant – 34%
High 50%: medium and light forms – 40%, severe – 10% Sick all: the average severity – 60%, heavy over – 40%

If you don't want to hurt varicose veins – connect with prevention!