Varicose veins in men

varicose veins in men

This disease prone to date not only of the fair sex, but also men. And at last, the main factor is hereditary predisposition. What are the other causes of varicose veins in men?

What to do?

Contribute to the development of varicose veins and lifestyle, including a variety of abuses, bad habits.

But to the greatest extent, varicose veins suffer from all the men with being overweight usually arising due to improper diet: too much carbohydrate, and, conversely, lack of plant food. Because the feet bear the entire weight of the body, then the excessive weight on them to form more and more of the load.

Under the influence of the large weight of the body occurs further squeezing the veins, which blood in them is forced to flow under higher pressure, than in a small vase. As a result, in each of the most weak points of the venous tissue occurs its stretching, which leads to the formation of blisters and knots.

Consequence of varicose veins in men is often a varicocele - enlargement of veins of the testicle. Develops hypotrophy of the testes, it reduces in size, and in consequence leads to a violation of the process of sperm formation. The testicles become lethargic, pathological, and the result is a man waiting for infertility.

The point is that vienna, carrying blood from the right testicle drains into the inferior vena cava, and from the left - in the left kidney. The last as well must "be thrown" through the aorta in a very dangerous place, which is compressed, becomes the dam on the way the venous bloodstream.

In this segment gradually increases the pressure, valves will cease to hold the blood, and it's the start of testicular failure.

This process is, oddly enough, happens even in older people. But most commonly occurs in boys aged 16 - 18 years, when the internal organs and, in particular, the vascular system, there is not enough time for the growth of the skeleton.

From the 20-ies of the in this case used purely surgical methods, which were fraught with dangerous consequences, most often it would lead to infertility.

Now vascular surgery pay minus traumatica endoscopic surgery, in which the bound ularis vienna.

As for the varicose veins in men on the legs, then when his treatment apply both conservative, so surgical treatment. Sclerotherapy is one of the main methods of non-surgical treatment of the disease.

At our clinic also carries out the removal of the first symptoms of the varicose disease: a few small capillaries (diameter 0.3-0.5 mm), pigmentation, swelling, dry and cut the skin tone.

Miniflebektomiya, Stripping, kriostripping are carried out in a hospital environment) and the next day you can return to your regular lifestyle and daily issues.