Varicose veins: are modern methods of treatment. Myths and facts

Widespread varicose disease triggered a lot of speculation about this issue. We promise a painless and fast, how to get rid of varicose veins once and for all. In this article: modern methods of treatment of varicose veins, the ad promises and the facts, a test for susceptibility to the disease.

Faced with varicose veins, it is necessary to realize that the greatest danger in its complications. Lead to enlarged superficial veins that have lost their original function and pose a threat to life.

He reached vienna has come to normal, and will disappear with the help of pills, ointments, herbs, and even more, amulets and other non-traditional methods of treatment.

A complete cure of varicose veins is possible only in the removal of varicose veins and inflammation of the discharge. Some of the methods of alternative medicine can provide just the prevention of disease, alleviation of painful feelings, to slow down the progression of varicose veins.

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Modern medicine and vascular surgery to date, are the only panacea and they have effective cosmetic and functional treatments. But first things first.

treatment of varicose veins

Using the adoption of internal drugs, you can get rid of varicose veins forever

Really. Modern pharmaceutical market offers a large selection of drugs. They all have similar substances (flavonoids plant), and many of the low efficacy and side effects. A tonic for the veins is not to get rid of you from varicose veins, but from the gravity of swelling, night cramps, it is quite possible.

Creams and gels cure from the varicose veins

Really. Retailers and manufacturers promise in the ad high efficiency, but you should be aware that gels and creams are not releasing the varicose veins. Their friction contributes to venous outflow, acts as a gentle massage and has a calming effect on the skin in the initial stage of the disease.

If varicose veins runs some creams and ointments can cause dermatitis and allergies, which exacerbates the problem. When thrombophlebitis prescribe the use of heparin of funds, diluting the blood and contribute to the removal of inflammation.

Thanks to the active advertising very popular gels and creams with leeches. According to doctors, these shamanic products have no relationship or leech, nor to medicines. Waste of time and money, has a place of self-hypnosis.

Leeches cure varicose veins

Really. The saliva of leeches rich hirudin that thins the blood. This fact and serves as the main moment, why incompetent people resort to leeches in varicose veins, confusing it with thrombophlebitis.

Liquefaction of the blood has no effect on the varicose veins, the cause of which is the increase in the venous lumen and failure of the valves. About the danger posed by such treatment, silent.

The result of hirudotherapy can be pigmentation of the skin at the site of the bite, long the bleeding from the wound. In a better case. In the worst case — develop dermatitis, limfostazom, PHLEBOTHROMBOSIS, and even gangrene of the limbs.

In the composition of the saliva of leeches many allergens, capable of long-term exposure to venous stagnating cause the inflammatory-allergic reaction, which destroys the skin and aggravating varicose veins.

Phlebology recognize such treatment is honest quackery, dangerous for the health of the patient. Hirudotherapy in particular, it is contraindicated in venous leg ulcers.

The compressive knitted fabric removes the causes of varicose veins and the disease

Really. The use of elastic medical compression is indicated in the early stages of the disease, before the radical measures. Squeezing the enlarged varicose veins veins, promotes redistribution of blood flow from the outside of the affected veins in deep, removes stagnation of blood in the veins.

When this elastic compression does not eliminate the cause of the disease, but only simulates a situation where the veins "pasted over" or removed. Correctly choose the size and recommend the fit can only Phlebology.

Methods of treatment of varicose veins

In these days treatment varicose veins simplified and almost all is performed on an outpatient basis, and if you require hospitalization, it's just for one or two days. The main types of treatment: sclerotherapy, laser coagulation, radiofrequency ablation, surgical operations.

Experienced experts often use several methods at once. Consider the most common, their pros and cons.



This is a non-invasive method of removal of the diseased veins. In the container is introduced sklerozant, a special liquid medicine, which holds together the vein from the inside, which in time will disappear. The blood ceases to flow to the affected area and be reallocated to the healthy veins.

Hardening used at the beginning of the last century, at the present time, the procedure has become less dangerous and traumatic. Sklerozant is registered in the decaying veins of the using thin needles or microcatheters. For one session can take up to 4 injections, and the number of sessions is determined by the degree of severity of the disease.

After the injection of the drug on the foot of the patient wears a compression stocking, it is recommended that he walk (up to 5 hours), to prevent thrombosis deep vein thrombosis. Elastic compression need to wear during the entire treatment course and after its completion (within 4 weeks).

Sclerotherapy improves blood circulation, dilated blood vessels disappear, persist swelling, pain, muscle cramps, and fatigue. Pigmented spots emerging on top of the removed vein, the passage of time to pass.

Sclerotherapy includes:

  • Directly alone sclerotherapy,
  • ECHO-sclerotherapy (sklerozant are exactly on target, thanks to ultrasound, allows you to see the venous lumen),
  • Foam-form sclerotherapy. Sklerozant changes in the foam, specified in a container that allows the "sealing" tight and large veins.

Sclerotherapy guarantees the long-term therapeutic and cosmetic outcome, and in some cases even a lifetime. Only 25% of patients with running varicose veins can not rely on the complete cure. In this case the manifestations of the disease are significantly reduced.


  • Individual intolerance to the sklerozant.
  • Reception anti-inflammatory and hormonal drugs.
  • Overweight.
  • Launched the cellulite in the area of the affected veins.
  • Inflammatory-purulent diseases of the skin of the feet.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Thrombophlebitis.


  • Outpatient treatment allows you to maintain the usual lifestyle.
  • Cosmetic effect is noticeable right away, scars remain.
  • Minimum pain during the treatment.
  • It is possible to simultaneously solve several of the veins.


There is no guarantee a lifelong result. To achieve this, it is necessary to begin treatment with the elimination of the causes of varicose veins.

Continuous wearing of compression of the knitted fabric, to shoot it is possible for a short time for the implementation of the hygiene procedures.

Laser treatment —

Laser treatment — "office surgery"

Coagulation — laser treatment of varicose dilated veins closing them lumen. It is the latest development of German experts and called endovenous (intravascular) or endovasal coagulation (evlt there or evlt there). Currently, it is widely used in leading clinics in Russia and abroad.

When evlt there is "soldering" (smoothing) to the damaged vein through a high-energy laser, without cuts. For thermal laser exposure from the inside, in the vein of a special fiber through the puncture, happens spasm of the vein, height of the inside of it closes. Vienna is excreted from the blood, and later is replaced by connective tissue.

The extent of exposure at EVLK the diseased vein is higher than that of sclerotherapy, and allows to achieve the effect, equivalent to the classical vein removal.

Intravascular coagulation is recognized as the largest minus the traumatic and functional modern way how to remove varicose veins.

The minimum time cost of operation (about 40 minutes) and the recovery after it (up to 4 hours), local anesthesia — all of these factors have allowed the name laser treatment "office of operations". The patient after the surgery can leave the clinic own and return to your desktop.


Intravascular laser smoothing — effective alternative to surgical intervention:

  • Excellent cosmetic effect — during the operation is missing cuts.
  • The brevity of evlt there – the procedure takes no longer than an hour.
  • Rapid rehabilitation, which offers the possibility not to terminate employment.
  • Coagulation of the laser is controlled by the testimony of ULTRASOUND, which increases the quality of treatment, postoperative complications minimizes.
  • The lack of hematomas and bruises.


  • The cost of operation is very high
  • The large diameter of the vein does not allow to do without the cuts.
  • Vienna is a large diameter may shrink back later.

VNUS. Radiofrequency ablation

The latest method is developed by the international scientific community with the aim to find the most perfect means of varicose veins of the legs. In North America and Europe in the practice for more than 10 years, in Russia put into practice large clinics recently.

VNUS — endovasal method, is used to treat the affected varicose veins of the trunk of the large veins. In the break is introduced radio frequency catheter, "medicandi" veins using the microwave exposure. The catheter has sensors that allow the measurement of the value of the usefulness and effectiveness of the thermal effects on the vein wall.


  • Outpatient conditions.
  • Local anesthesia.
  • Maintaining work ability.
  • Without the cuts.
  • Rapid recovery of the patient (30 minutes after surgery). Over a week it is possible to work out.
  • The lack of painful sensations and bruising in most cases.
  • High security.


  • High cost.
  • Burns may occur, which quickly pass.
  • Decreases the concentration of attention on the day of surgery (you cannot drive a car and engage in any other activity that requires constant concentration).

In the U.S., radiofrequency ablation is used much less often, than laser coagulation. This is due to the high cost in virtually the same results. Coagulation gives a larger percentage of the total demise of the veins thanks to the introduction of a new generation of lasers, which provide higher efficiency and the lack of bruising.

Radical methods

Upon the occurrence of thrombophlebitis, eczema, venous ulcers, sclerotherapy and other bezoperatsionnye procedures do, it is too late. In this case, the doctors, most likely, resort to surgical techniques, combines them with sclerotherapy.

Many clinics offer high-tech microsurgical methods of removal of the diseased vein, which, minus the traumatic (allow one small incision to remove all the decaying veins), it does not leave scars and scars, short-term (over 40 minutes, the patient can go home).

According to phlebologists, fear of removal of varicose affected veins are not worth it. Crowded blood veins pose a serious threat to health and life. After their removal the blood circulation is normal, with healthy veins is removed the excess burden.

At the conclusion of the article on the modern methods of treatment of varicose vein I want to offer a Test. The answers to the questions are not going to take more than 5 minutes of your time, but will allow you to identify the symptoms of the disease varicose veins the legs and your level of risk.