What are varicose veins of the uterus - causes, symptoms and treatment

The main problem of the disease lies in the fact that it is very difficult to diagnose. Very often there is confusion when the results of the research point to the presence of problems with the pans.

varicose veins of the uterus

Who is in the main area of risk? The first is about women in the reproductive age. In rare cases, diseases of a troubled teen. And in the senile increase come across this disease it is possible even less. But in any case not think, that this problem can not touch.

The main causes for the formation of

In most cases the disease arises because of the abundant and protracted inflammatory processes. In any case can not get rid of the failed pregnancy. If you have gone through an abortion, then you are in the extended areas of risk. So need to consult with your doctor. He will tell us, in detail, what is the notorious varicose veins of the uterus, how to fight him.

A special problem may lie in the ovarian axis vienna. Into it can get the blood which will lead to this disease. Do not forget about the fact that the specific damage they can bring the drugs. The more new, side-effect, which has not yet been studied to the end. Especially harmful hormonal means. Predisposition is not necessary to deny.


It is particularly important to know in order to in no way procrastinate to go to a specialist. The first and most important symptom — severe pain in the lower abdomen. Sometimes they are so strong, that it leads to a complete loss of efficacy. Creates noticeable discomfort after sexual intercourse or even during it. The menstrual cycle is disrupted, they differ a small amount of secretions.

It should be noted, that to define varicose veins of the uterus difficult, symptoms similar to many gynecological diseases. Here in no event it is impossible to guess.

Only a complete ULTRASOUND examination with the use of modern equipment will allow to accurately establish the diagnosis and to take further decision.

There are not those clear are the reasons why you should turn to a specialist. In particular, convulsions. It is especially dangerous if they are accompanied by swelling. You are feeling irritation in my feet in the evening, when coming from work? You suffer the constant discomfort? Then even if in the interest of prevention is definitely visit high quality expert.

Difficulty in pregnancy

Of course, large varicose veins of the uterus during pregnancy is not so widespread. But after each conception, the situation complicates. Along with the time increases the risk. In this case, not only for childbirth but also for the child itself. What problems can occur?

  1. Placenta of kidney.
  2. Thrombophlebitis.
  3. Thrombosis of the veins.
  4. Often it is necessary to do cesarean section.

Can be summarized, that everything said, by treatment during pregnancy complicated sometimes. This uterine disease requires constant supervision by the phlebologist. Very likely tells you that in your case, if you are pregnant, the treatment proves ineffective. In such a case, it is the treating physician required to perform at least symptomatic therapy. In what does it consist of? The expert can not handle the underlying disease. Then you must at least reduce to zero its main symptoms.

And how to treat varicose veins of the uterus outside of pregnancy? In this case, there are several basic methods. They are selected depending on the nature of the patient. Let us consider it in more detail.

  1. The conservative therapy. In this case, it is necessary to use drugs that are targeted to tone the veins. Also important are the medicines against allergies. This complex is part of an even and physiotherapy, medical gymnastics.
  2. Sometimes it is not possible to bypass without surgery. Modern technologies allow everything to maximum quickly. The specific method depends on the condition of the patient, the degree of neglect of the disease.

About folk remedies

They also sometimes help to treat varicose veins. Already designed a list of drugs that need to be taken in.

  1. First of all, you should take a closer look at the tincture of horse chestnut.
  2. Definitely try to take the infusion of hop cones.
  3. An excellent blend of various medicinal herbs. It can be hypericum, field horsetail, marigold and some other. Get all this is possible on almost every major market.
  4. Try apple cider vinegar. Dilute a couple of teaspoons in a standard glass of water.

But you need to realize that a lot depends on what stage of the disease. If located only in the bud, it is a folk remedy is to brand yourself can prove to be effective.

Basic means of prevention

In the first place it is necessary to responsibly behave to your health. If you have noticed any changes in the uterus, then you need to immediately contact a gynecologist. Can literally after a few questions to determine that you have any problems, plan the next activity.

In any case can not be independently assigned to hormonal medication. Only in small doses and after consultation with a qualified doctor. During the first pregnancy you need to avoid stress, constantly undergoing examination. The more that it is now a huge number of different diagnostic centers, gives the result literally within the hour.

Important moderate exercise. On the serious sports activities will only worsen the situation. And here is the physical culture, exercise, dancing, swimming, yoga — it all leads to the fact that your immunity in this disease will increase significantly.

Analysis of urine and blood, must be taken into account in the context of prevention. In particular, if the bad blood coagulates, then it's a clear sign of varicose veins. It remains only to determine the place where it is located. Perhaps everyone knows that a proper diet will allow you to get rid of many problems. In particular, it is possible to increase your chances of a healthier future by eliminating from your diet is too greasy and sharp food. Consume as much fruit, vegetables. Don't forget the restrictions on the sahara. Especially dangerous is white. And all the dishes that contain it in large quantities. Now, when you know all about varicose veins in the uterus and its treatment in detail.