Benefit and harm pressio stockings for varicose veins

Details of the match have gained wide popularity among the patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency and, probably, every vascular surgeon named in the various testimony. Stockings are simple to use. Often they are not distinguished from the ordinary tights. But whether these products are safe? Harmful whether to wear compression stockings — is it worth to solve it. The pressure of the knitted fabric is composed of plant tissue framework, most often of synthetic origin (e.g., polyamide) and эластических fibres (elastane). Manufacturers have invented different kinds of knitting yarns, and the ratio of the ingredients, thanks to which managed to achieve varying degrees of compression on the lower limbs. Stockings may have been set apart with a preventative or therapeutic goal in quam varices disease, chronic venous insufficiency, pregnancy, surgical interventions and after тромбозов veins of the lower extremities. compression of varices

Types of pressio stocking

All the companies manufacture underwear male and female types. These can be complemented by a lace or a pattern. It is also possible to select, respectively, the pu of the patient's skin. Manufacturers take into account that people have different height and weight. There are five sizes of stockings. For its definition it is necessary to change several parameters: the circumference of the tibia at the site where its largest diameter, the circumference of the thigh in its middle third, the length from the beginning of the lower extremities up to the knees and the distance from the heel to the groin. Further, on a special table determines the size of the right shoulder (XS, S, M, L, LX, XL). But the main classification is the division according to the degree of compression, which has a laundry on the lower limb. There are several classes of компрессионного service:
  1. Preventive — the pressure on the limb in the range of up to 18 mm hg. articles Are used mainly for the prevention of the development of the quam varices of the disease in groups of people who have a predisposition. Is it overweight patients, pregnant women or people whose work is connected with the excessive load on the legs.
  2. The first degree of compression — the squeezing is 19-22 mm hg. articles shall Apply in the early stages quam varices of the disease. Effectively help in syndrome "tired" legs, Superba, minor expansion of the veins of the lower limbs, venous grid.
  3. The second class — a pressure of about 23-32 mm hg. the articles are Used only according to the instructions of the doctor. Data are pathological conditions accompanied by chronic venous insufficiency, but provided that there is no venous changes on the skin.
  4. The third class — the compression is 33-45 mm hg. articles For their use is the need to obtain a prescription from a doctor, so how is it, only buy in the pharmacy data stockings impossible. Obligation to the application: expressed трофические violation, lymphostasis, deep vein thrombosis of the lower limbs, posttrombofleboticheky syndrome.
The last is the fourth class — a compression of more than 45 mm hg. century, are used in rare cases and only in the surgical inpatient under the supervision of a physician.

The mechanism of action of products

quam varices — this is a disease that mainly affects the venous vessels of the lower extremities. Occurs when a strong stretching of the veins due to the reduction of elasticity of the walls. Fresh information: migrantis thrombophlebitis: symptoms and treatment When the valves, which are placed on the inner side of the vessels, losing the ability to completely block the lumen, and the blood begins to перетекать in the opposite direction. This in turn starts the process of even greater stretching of the vein wall. Lower extremity filling with blood and on the surface of the skin begin to operate quam varices enlarged veins. Gradually, the liquid starts to leak through the blood vessels and penetrates into the surrounding tissue. So patients appear swelling. crassus blood can form blood clots inside blood vessels or эмболизацию far from the primary focus of thrombosis. These states have a vita-minas consequences. The cause of the development of chronic venous insufficiency are:
  • hereditary factors;
  • pathology of the circulatory system;
  • flat feet;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • uncomfortable shoes, especially high heels;
  • a longer stay in a sitting position;
  • work in a standing position;
  • humili grad lifestyle.
To prevent the progression of quam varices disease, doctors prescribe the patient to wear stockings. Through the pressure, which acts the product on the leg, leads to an artificial narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels.
Under the influence of pressure improves the work клапанного the device and is not регургитация blood.

Useful properties of pressio stocking

Benefit and harm pressio intensity depends first of all on whether prescribed by a doctor the degree of compression, and also, whether the patient adheres to the recommendations on the use. Scientists studies have been conducted and on their basis to meta-analyse, which showed that the health of the knitted fabric is effective in chronic venous insufficiency. Stockings perform a number of useful features — constrict the height of the inflammation of the blood vessels and experts warn that the development of the quam varices in pregnant. In addition, they reduce swelling of the lower limbs and improve the flow of the lymphatic flow. Plus compression stockings:
  1. experts warn that the development of an infectious disease on the foot;
  2. they improve trophism of the skin;
  3. warn sanguinem clots and thrombophlebitis;
  4. reduce the risk of тромбоэмболии the pulmonary artery;
  5. removing the pain, cramps in the legs;
  6. prevent the likelihood of developing venous leg ulcers;
  7. improve after post-operative period.
Recommendations after the removal of veins on the legs: do's and don'ts in the rehabilitation? In addition, the stockings are ahead of other types of компрессионного laundry. For example, эластические bandages require certain skills to use. Can сползать in the course of the day, what brings discomfort to the patient. Also, bandages are not always appropriate to the style of the clothes, and especially, if the patient needed to work in the office and in a certain form. Stockings of the same, is virtually no different from the usual clothes and is very easy to use.

Damage from компрессионного laundry

Certainly, medical stockings — this is a useful product, but even it has its negative aspects and can harm the patient. Damage компрессионного knitted fabric in quam varices arises when used improperly. When the wrong selection of the extent of pressure on the foot may cause symptoms of ischemia of the tissue. The patient will feel numbness in the extremities, unpleasant feelings or pain. If compression is low — the effect of this therapy appears. So, before taking the health of the knitted fabric it is necessary to consult with сосудистым surgeon. Length of stay in the pedules depends on the severity of the chronic venous insufficiency. For example, in the third phase quam varices of the disease, the product is recommended to wear permanently, even during sleep. The most commonly arise as a complication: ischemia of the base of the tissue, décubitus in place of squeezing in the wrong одевании, allergic reactions to the material. Compression products are able to do harm, when there are contraindications to their use:
  • infectious diseases of the skin;
  • open трофические sores;
  • individual sensitivity to material products;
  • the wound on the limb;
  • burns;
  • the presence of diabetic foot;
  • EXCISIO endarteriit;
  • cardio-vascular failure in the stage of декомпенсации.
But the bigger the amount the patient respond positively to the pressio pedules. The result is noticeable even on the first day of use.
Also positive is the fact a reasonable price for the product. The average price of a stocking — 1500 rubles.

Rules for the use of storage

A large share of the effect, depends on it, it is true, whether the patient wears health of the knitted fabric. Dressing up is a must from the very morning before that, how bad is going to get out of bed. 10 minutes into it, we recommend that you pick up the legs elevated, to ensure the maximum outflow of blood. Furthermore, it gradually wears underwear, it is necessary to see to it that it is not evertit, and not образовывались folds, because in these places will be more compression on the skin. Wear stockings all day. Fresh information:Stockings from quam varices veins on the legs: reviews of pressio underwear To the product has served as long as possible, it is necessary to properly care for it. Medical knitted fabric it is forbidden to wash in the machine-the computer, only with the help of hand wash. While it is not recommended to use aggressive detergents, is allowed only of the economic soap. Dry, it should be is on a horizontal surface, to avoid excessive heat radiation and direct sunlight. Kept stockings should be in the folded state and the extended state.